How many profiles can you have on Netflix? Here is the break down by each plan

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  • The number of devices that you can watch Netflix on at once depends on the kind of Netflix plan you have.
  • Netflix offers three streaming plans, making it convenient for you to choose the subscription plan that meets your household’s needs.
  • Depending on the Netflix plan you have, you can stream on one, two, or four devices at a time.
  • You can have up to five profiles on a single Netflix account, allowing everyone who shares an account to maintain their own viewing histories and recommendations.

NOTE: A device is anything that can log into Netflix and stream video, such as TVs, computers, and mobile devices.

Netflix previously allowed users to create only one profile per account. This meant that if you wanted to share your login details with any members of your household, their watching habits would affect what TV shows Netflix recommended to you. For example, mom’s movie recommendations would be influenced by the kids’ television show choices.

This all changed in 2013 when Netflix suspended that limitation and introduced multiple user profiles for the same account, making it possible for families sharing one account to log into Netflix and watch videos from as many devices with each having their own personalized recommendations and viewing history.

How many people can use the same Netflix account?

Netflix allows up to five profiles that can be set up on each account. You can create kid-friendly profiles with desired maturity settings for your children and a separate profile for every adult in your home, making it easier for each one to get personalized suggestions based on an individual’s taste and what has been watched. Each profile can also be connected to different social media accounts such as Facebook, allowing for Facebook friends’ suggestions that won’t be influenced by other profiles sharing the same Netflix account.

How many people can watch Netflix at once per account?

The number of devices that can stream Netflix at once depends on what Netflix plan you subscribe to. If you have the Basic subscription plan, which costs $8.99 a month, that means you can only watch Netflix on one device. The next plan is the Standard subscription, which costs $13.99 a month for two devices. The third Netflix plan is the Premium subscription for $17.99 a month and allows up to four devices at a time.

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Creating and adding a Netflix profile

To create a Netflix profile, go to and log in to your Netflix account. Use the manage profile link to set up a new profile and then click the Add profile button. Enter the name of the new user when prompted and click Continue. You can create up to four more profiles apart from your main profile.

Netflix also lets you create settings for each profile, which can be of good use, especially if you share the same Netflix account with your kids. Some of these features include maturity level, viewing restrictions, profile lock, and many more.

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How many Netflix profile can you have FAQs

Answer to related questions people also ask:

Can I have 6 profiles on Netflix?

You can’t have six profiles on Netflix, but you can have up to five profiles on a single Netflix account. If you want to create more profiles, you’ll need to pay for one more account. Netflix Premium plan allows up to 4 screens (devices) at once.

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How many profiles can watch Netflix at once?

Five profiles. Each Netflix account can have a maximum of five profiles — this doesn’t mean watching Netflix on all five profiles simultaneously. Profiles make it easy to maintain each user’s preferences.

How do you create 5 profiles on Netflix?

  1. Open Netflix on your device and log in to your account.
  2. Go to Manage Profile.
  3. Select Add Profile.
  4. Add the name of the profile you want to create. If you want to use the Netflix Kids experience, click on Kids.
  5. Select Continue.

You can use the same process to create all five profiles.

Does Netflix charge extra for profiles?

You can have up to five profiles on each Netflix account at no extra cost. After you create your first Netflix profile, you can add four more profiles without being charged extra.

Can 2 people watch Netflix at the same time?

You can watch Netflix on multiple devices at the same time depending on the Netflix plan you have — which is fantastic for families and friends that share the same Netflix account. There are three different Netflix plans: Basic (one device), Standard (two devices), and Premium (four devices).

Can I watch Netflix at two different houses?

Yes, you can watch Netflix at two different houses or locations if you are using either the Standard plan, which allows for two devices or the Premium plan for four devices.

Can I share my Netflix account with family in a different home?

The short answer is yes, but Netflix’s terms of service are not super clear about it. It states that streaming content on Netflix is “for your personal and non-commercial use only and may not be shared with individuals beyond your household.” A household may mean a physical home.

Can I share my Netflix account?

Yes, you can share your Netflix account. Netflix’s terms of service state that accounts are for personal use and may not be “shared with individuals beyond your household.” That may mean you can’t share it beyond your family or friends, but the terms of service aren’t clear.

Can you have 5 users on Netflix?

Netflix allows users to create five separate profiles on each account, that doesn’t mean every user can watch Netflix at the same time. The Basic plan allows for one device while the Standard plan allows for two devices at once. The highest plan is the Premium plan which allows streaming of four devices simultaneously.

How do I manage profiles on Netflix?

Log into your Netflix account and click your default profile in the top-right to open the drop-down menu. Then click on Manage Profiles.

What is standard Netflix plan?

The Standard Netflix plan is the middle plan which costs $13.99 per month, offers high definition, and streaming on two devices at a time. The lower-tier Basic plan ($8.99) doesn’t provide HD viewing and only allows streaming on one device. The higher-tier Premium plan allows streaming on four devices at a time but costs more at $17.99 per month.

Does Netflix charge extra for multiple devices?

Netflix’s Basic plan (one device) for $8.99 per month doesn’t allow streaming on multiple devices, but you can stream on multiple devices at no extra charge using the standard HD plan (two devices) for $13.99 per month or the premium plan (four devices) for $17.99 per month.

How do I kick someone off my Netflix?

There are two ways to kick someone off your Netflix. The first method is to completely log out all devices currently connected to your Netflix account. The second method is to change your password. The second method is much more effective than the first method because if you sign out all devices, they can still log back in if they know your password but changing your password will completely shut out anyone from your account.

Will someone know if I use their Netflix?

Netflix recognizes every new device that tries to connect to each account and will usually notify users about login attempts to their accounts. If you signed in to your account using a new device you can ignore the notification, but if you’re notified about an unfamiliar device, it is definitely another user trying to log in to your account.

Is Netflix going to stop account sharing?

Netflix is experimenting with a new feature that will prevent non-subscribers from piggybacking off a family member’s or friend’s account, effectively stopping people from sharing their Netflix passwords. The new feature is currently being tested among a small number of customers worldwide.

How do you switch accounts on Netflix?

To switch Users on the Netflix app, tap the Netflix app icon > tap the name of the current profile on the toolbar to open a pop-up menu with the list of profiles connected to your account. Choose the profile you wish to switch to from the menu.

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