Grammarly cost 2024: how much does Grammarly Premium cost? (60% off)

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Knowing how much Grammarly costs is important if you intend to use the software. Grammarly is an amazing software with a fantastic free version. However, to get the most out of Grammarly, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version, and that’s where having an understanding of Grammarly pricing comes in.

How much does it cost to get Grammarly?

Grammarly offers monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions for its Premium plan — starting at $11.66 $9.60 per month for the premium version when paid annually (one-time payment of $139.95). However, the price sometimes drops, as Grammarly frequently offers impressive discounts. You can also pay monthly ($29.95) or quarterly ($19.98 per month billed as one payment of $59.95).

Grammarly payment methods

Whatever plan you choose, Grammarly supports payment by PayPal, Credit card, or debit card. After choosing your Grammarly plan, the various payment options will be available upon checkout.

At the time of writing this article, Grammarly does not accept money orders or personal checks as a payment method.

Is it worth paying for Grammarly?

Grammarly is definitely worth paying for if you consider the array of impressive features it offers, especially if you’re serious about improving your writing. However, the free version may be all you need if you just need a quick fix for occasional errors.

The Premium plan gives you access to Grammarly’s advanced features. These features can help you fine-tune your writing and ensure it is error-free. If you’re looking for a way to improve your writing, the Premium plan is well worth it.

Another great feature of the Premium plan is using Grammarly’s plagiarism checker. This tool can help you ensure that your work is original and not copied from someone else. It is a valuable tool for students and professionals who need to ensure that their work is free of plagiarism.

Is Grammarly a one time purchase?

No, Grammarly is not a one-time purchase. You can choose to pay for it monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You can continue to use Grammarly for as long as you like, provided you renew your subscription. However, there is also a free version that you can use for as long as you like.

What is the cheapest Grammarly plan?

The cheapest Grammarly plan is the monthly plan of $11.66 (when paid one-time annually). This is a good price for users who require a longer commitment to using Grammarly, allowing them to save 60% off the original price.

There are many other Grammarly plans, including free, quarterly, business, and education plans for colleges, teachers, and students. The free plan is fantastic, and it includes basic grammar and spelling checks.

The premium plan is more expensive but adds plagiarism checking and more comprehensive grammar features. The business plan is awesome, adding team collaboration features and customizations.

Does Grammarly cost money?

Grammarly is a free online grammar checker, proofreader, and writing assistant that anyone can use. No subscription is required, and there are no ads. However, a premium version of Grammarly does cost money. The premium version includes additional features like a plagiarism checker, a more comprehensive grammar checker, and a vocabulary enhancement tool.

Grammarly cost per year

Grammarly costs $11.66 monthly (billed as a one-time payment of $139.95). The yearly plan offers the biggest discount. If you have the financial capacity, go for this plan because it saves you a whole lot more compared to the monthly and quarterly plans.

How much does Grammarly cost per month?

Grammarly costs $29.95 a month. This is the base pricing plan; good for trying out the premium version before you commit to a longer plan. Grammarly also has a quarterly plan that costs $19.98 per month (billed as a one-time payment of $59.95). The quarterly plan is a fantastic option for users who don’t have the financial capacity to commit to an annual plan but want to save more on the monthly plan.

Grammarly cost for teachers and student

There’s no specific Grammarly cost for students. However, Grammarly has a program called Grammarly for Education, specifically designed for educational institutions, teachers, and students.

More than 3000 educational institutions currently use Grammarly’s online writing assistance and plagiarism tool for education. If your college has a Grammarly for education plan, you will be allowed access to Grammarly as a student. All you need is a (.edu) email address linked to your college.

Grammarly for education cost will depend on the number of users:

  • 5 users — $500 per year
  • 10 users — $800 per year
  • 20 users — $1,200 per year

For more than 20 users, contact Grammarly directly to get a quotation. Each @edu plan comes with excellent 24/7 support.

Additionally, there are several other ways you can save money on Grammarly as a student or teacher. You can get anywhere from 20% to 60% discount through our special partnership with Grammarly for our readers.

Grammarly cost for business

Grammarly cost for business depends on the number of users:

Small and large businesses can use Grammarly business to manage their in-house content – designed to enhance team collaboration from social media posts to emails and documents. Grammarly Business integrates with workplace third-party tools and apps such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Slack, Google Docs, and more.

How long is Grammarly free?

You can use Grammarly for free for as long as you want. The free version of Grammarly offers many impressive features to help improve your writing. Grammarly free is also good for understanding how the software works, and you can then upgrade to the premium plan once you are ready.

Additionally, you can start with the free Chrome extension that checks your text for spelling and grammar errors. It works on all apps — Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Gmail, Tumblr, WordPress, Google Docs, and other platforms. Once you install the extension, you should see the Grammarly logo icon in the top right of your browser.

Grammarly pros and cons

Grammarly is a writing assistant designed to help people with grammar, punctuation, and more. However, it does have its pros and cons:


It can be used on any device and in any application.

It offers helpful feedback and reminders to improve your writing.


It’s not free. It costs $29 per month without coupon links for the premium version.

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