Grammarly discount coupons & promo codes 60% off (2024)

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Looking for a Grammarly discount? Save big with our active Grammarly promo codes and coupons· Earn 20% Off with the Grammarly Premium annual plan· Get the Premium plan starting at $9.60 per month.

Grammarly is the world’s leading automated proofreader. It checks your writing for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes and gives you suggestions for improving your writing style. The Grammarly writing software is a great tool for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, a business professional, or a casual writer, Grammarly can help you write better.

The best part about Grammarly is that it’s free to use. You can sign up for a free account and start using it right away. There’s no commitment and no credit card required.

Grammarly discount

You can upgrade to a premium account to get the most out of Grammarly. Premium accounts give you access to additional features, such as a plagiarism checker and more comprehensive grammar features.

Premium accounts start at $29.95 per month, but you can save money by signing up for a yearly plan with our discount partnership with Grammarly. With this plan, you’ll get a 60% discount plus another 20% discount, for a total of just $9.60 per month.

Can I get a discount on Grammarly?

Yes, you can get a discount on Grammarly. Grammarly offers various discounts, including a student discount, business discount, free trial, and more. Many times, these discounts are valid for a specific amount of time, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. However, our readers can get a Grammarly discount of up to 20% off using our link.

What is the cheapest price for Grammarly premium?

The cheapest Grammarly price is $9.60 monthly (billed as a one-time annual payment of $115.20). The yearly plan is the best option if you can afford it. It will save you money in the long run. Our discount partnership with Grammarly saves you more than 20% off at just $9.60/month.

This is a good price for users who require a longer commitment to using Grammarly, allowing them to save at least 20% off the original price.

There are so many other Grammarly plans, including the free plan, monthly plan, quarterly plan, business plan, and education plan for colleges, teachers, and students. The free plan is fantastic, and it includes basic grammar and spelling checks.

The premium plan costs money, but it adds plagiarism checking and more comprehensive grammar features. The business plan is awesome, adding team collaboration features and customizations.

What is the biggest discount for Grammarly?

The yearly plan is the best value for your money. At just $9.60 per month, it offers the biggest discount and saves you much more than the monthly and quarterly plans. The yearly plan is the way to go if you have the financial capacity.

The main reason why the yearly plan is cheaper is because you are paying for the service for a whole year in advance.

Another advantage of the yearly plan is that you are more likely to stick with it. This is because you have already paid for the entire year, making you less likely to cancel the service or switch to another provider. This means that Grammarly can rely on you as a customer, leading to better service and support.

Is Grammarly free for students?

Yes, Grammarly is free for students and every user. Its 100% free version can help you eliminate spelling and grammar mistakes, spot punctuation errors, and more. This is important because it allows readers to understand your ideas more easily and makes your writing look more professional. Overall, the Grammarly free version is a valuable tool for students, teachers, and writers because it helps them produce clear and concise work.

If you need more comprehensive writing features, Grammarly’s premium version offers more in-depth suggestions on sentence structure, tone, and style. The premium version also provides a plagiarism checker to help you avoid unintentional plagiarism. It compares your work to billions of web pages and documents to ensure originality.

Is Grammarly worth the money?

If you’re serious about improving your writing, Grammarly Premium is definitely worth the money. However, the free version may be all you need if you just need a quick fix for occasional errors.

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether Grammarly Premium is worth it. The first is the cost. Grammarly Premium costs $9.60 monthly when using our discount link, which can add up if you use it frequently. However, it also offers a free trial, so you can try it out before committing to a purchase.

Another thing to consider is the features. Grammarly Premium offers a number of features that can be helpful for writers, including advanced grammar checking, vocabulary enhancement, and plagiarism detection. These features can help make sure your writing is error-free and original.

Finally, consider your needs. If you need help with your grammar and want access to advanced features, then Grammarly premium may be worth the cost. However, if you only need occasional help with your grammar, the free version may be sufficient.

Grammarly discount teachers

There’s no specific Grammarly cost for teachers. However, Grammarly has a program called Grammarly for Education, specifically designed for educational institutions, teachers, and students.

More than 3000 educational institutions currently use Grammarly, an online writing assistance and plagiarism tool. If your college has a Grammarly for Education plan, you will be allowed to use Grammarly as a student. All you need is a (.edu) email address linked to your college.

Grammarly for education cost will depend on the number of users:

For more than 20 users, contact Grammarly directly to get a quotation.

Grammarly pros and cons

Grammarly is a writing assistant designed to help people with grammar, punctuation, and more. However, it does have its pros and cons:


1. Instant feedback

Grammarly provides instant feedback on your writing. It’s like having a grammar coach looking over your shoulder, pointing out your mistakes, and showing you how to fix them.

2. Catches grammar mistakes

Grammarly is very effective at catching grammar mistakes. It’s helped me avoid embarrassing mistakes in my writing.

3. It helps you improve your writing style

Grammarly not only helps you catch grammar mistakes, but it also helps you improve your writing style. It provides suggestions on how to make your writing more clear and concise.

4. It’s affordable

Grammarly is very affordable. It’s a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional editor, and it’s a lot cheaper than taking a grammar class.

5. It’s easy to use

Grammarly is very easy to use without the need for any instructions or a learning process. Additionally, you can use Grammarly on any device and in any application.


1. Limited features

Grammarly’s free version is quite limited compared to the full range of features available in the Premium version.

2. Not free

The Premium version is not free. It costs $29 per month without a discount, but our reader can get it for $9.60 per month.

How long is Grammarly free?

You can use Grammarly for free for as long as you want. The free version offers many impressive features to help improve your writing. Grammarly free is also good for understanding how the software works, and you can then upgrade to the premium plan once you are ready.

Additionally, you can start with the free Chrome extension that checks your text for spelling and grammar errors. It works on all apps: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Gmail, Tumblr, WordPress, Google Docs, and others. Once you install the extension, you should see the Grammarly logo icon at the top right of your browser.

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