What can I do if I can’t login to my PayPal account?

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If you can’t log into your PayPal account, there are many options of what to do.

PayPal is one of the largest online payment companies used by millions to send and receive money on numerous platforms across the world. But despite its massive popularity and payment capabilities, millions of users face various login problems from time to time. Just to put it in perspective, login issues account for 51 percent of cases reported by PayPal users.

If you are facing login issues with your PayPal account, here are seven solutions that can help you.

Check if PayPal is down

If you can’t log into your PayPal account, the first thing you need to do is find out if the company is affected by any connection problems. Check on their official Twitter page for the latest updates. Another option is to check DownDetector to see if users are complaining about the same login issues you are facing.

Current location

Your current location may be one of the main reasons you can’t log in to your PayPal account. Most times, payment platforms like PayPal won’t allow users to access their accounts if trying to log in from another country. For example, PayPal may refuse access if you registered your PayPal account in the USA but now trying to log in from another country like Mexico or Thailand. This is not a means to lock you out of your account permanently; it’s a temporary security measure put in place by PayPal to protect your account from any illegal access.

If you are using a VPN or any other tools to hide your location or IP address, you should deactivate them and try to log into your PayPal again.

Login using Incognito mode

Chrome incognito mode is a powerful way to log into platforms like PayPal without any issues. When you go incognito, websites like PayPal completely lose track of you; they won’t be able to track you across the web. I’ve had problems in the past trying to log into my PayPal account, but each time I go Incognito on Chrome, I’m quickly able to log in without any issues.

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Open Chrome Incognito and log in to your PayPal account. Once you open PayPal in Incognito mode, DO NOT ACCEPT OR DECLINE THE COOKIES shown below the PayPal homepage. Just enter your details, such as your email and password, and log in to your account.

Clear your cache

PayPal’s homepage scripts might be interfering with your browser’s cache and extensions, thereby preventing you from accessing your account. Clear your cookies and cache, disable all your extensions, then close and restart your browser. Try to log in to PayPal again. If you still can’t log in, try another browser – if you were trying to log in with Chrome, try again using Safari or Mozilla. If the issue persists, log in using Incognito mode.

Keyboard settings

If many people are using the same computer, there’s a possibility someone has changed the keyboard settings. To be sure you are typing in the correct password, open a text editor and type your password to see any error.

To check if you are using the appropriate keyboard layout: On windows 10, click on the language icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. On Mac, go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources. You may need to adjust your settings if necessary.

Update PayPal app

It’s very important to always use the current version of the PayPal app when trying to access your account. If you are on iOS or Android, check to see if there’s a newer version of the app. Tap on Update if available for download.

Contact PayPal support

If you still can’t log into your PayPal account after trying all of the options above, the next step is to contact PayPal support via the phone or their online Help Center and Message Assistant. To speak with PayPal over the phone, call 1-888-221-1161 using the phone number linked to your PayPal account.

PayPal’s online Help Center is packed with articles on virtually every PayPal question and topic. You can also chat online with representatives from the company.

Other support options include the PayPal Community Forums and Resolution Center, but these don’t work nearly as quickly as contacting PayPal over the phone or through the help center.

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