Wenomechainsama Meme, Lyrics, and Dog

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The phrases “Wenomechainsama,” “Wenimechaindasuma,” and “When I Met You In The Summer” became popular on Instagram and TikTok in 2021 and 2022. This trend involved a meme featuring a dog with speech bubbles, pretending to sing the lyrics of the song “When I Met You In The Summer” by Calvin Harris.

The catch was that the lyrics were intentionally misspelled to make fun of people who didn’t know the correct lyrics of the song. If you were on TikTok during that time, you likely encountered this humorous meme.

This article contains the Wenomechainsama meme, what it means, the associated lyrics (copypasta), and the dog.

Wenomechainsama meme

“Wenomechainsama” is a meme featuring a dog singing the song “When I Met You In The Summer” by Calvin Harris, but the lyrics are intentionally misspelled for humor. Originally, the meme featured a guinea pig singing the song in 2021. A TikToker named @leo_zeta posted a video with an illustration of a guinea pig singing the song, and a woman in the video said, “Me pregunto que me dirias si pudieras hablar,” which means “I wonder what you would tell me if you could talk” in Spanish.

This meme template gained popularity on TikTok in 2022, and people started using various animals like dogs, Caracals, babies, and more instead of the guinea pig to create their own versions of the meme.

What does Wenomechainsama mean?

“Wenomechainsama” is a meme that humorously presents misheard lyrics from the song “Summer” by Calvin Harris, a Scottish music artist. In each meme, there is a character depicted as singing the lyrics through speech bubbles.

The character is often a low-quality image, like a guinea pig or a dog, typically in 144p or 240p resolution. These memes belong to the category of “Misheard Lyrics” or “Phonetic Translations” and are usually presented as slideshows or animated videos that showcase the humorous interpretation of the song’s lyrics.

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Wenomechainsama lyrics

Wenomechainsama lyrics/copypasta









wenomechainsama (sama,sama,sama,sama)

wenomechainsama (Sama)

Tumajarbisaun (Ye, ye)

Wifenlooof (Looof)

Eselifterbraun (Ye, ye)


Aslonskysrblu (Ye, ye)


Buchyulaidsosun (Ye, ye)

wenomechainsama (sama,sama,sama,sama)


wenomechainsama (Sama)

(Ye, ye)


(Ye, ye)

Sama (Sama)

(Ye, ye)


(Ye, ye)

Wenomechainsama dog

The breed of the Wenomechainsama dog is a Jack Russell Terrier.

  • The dog featured in the Wenomechainsama meme is a Jack Russell Terrier, which is a specific breed known for its characteristics.

A Russell Terrier is friendly, lively, and curious and is used for fox hunts.

  • Jack Russell Terriers are known for being friendly, lively, and curious dogs. Historically, they were bred for fox hunting due to their agility and energy.

In the Wenomechainsama meme, the photo of the dog is usually of low quality.

  • Typically, the images of the Jack Russell Terrier in the Wenomechainsama meme are of low resolution or quality.

Dogs are not the only living thing that appears in the meme.

  • The meme doesn’t exclusively feature dogs; it includes various other living beings.

A guinea pig, Caracal, and baby are frequently used in the meme.

  • Besides dogs, the Wenomechainsama meme commonly features images of guinea pigs, Caracals (medium-sized African wild cats), and babies.

A Caracal is a medium-sized wild cat that lives in Africa.

  • The Caracal is a wild cat species found in Africa. It is of medium size and has distinctive features, often recognized by its tufted ears and reddish-brown fur.