How to check your Verizon text messages online

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It’s easy to check your Verizon text messages online. If you find yourself unable to view messages on your phone for whatever reason, you don’t have to worry at all because Verizon Wireless has a text messaging service that allows users to check their text messages online, including the number of messages sent and received during a billing cycle.

If you ever need to check your Verizon text messages online, follow the guide below:

View Verizon text messages online

Step 1

Launch your preferred web browser and log in to Verizon’s website.

Step 2

Look for “create an account” to set up an online account if you don’t have one, and log into your account with your username and password.

Step 3

Select “Account” and click on “Text Online.”

Step 4

Read and accept the terms and conditions.

Step 5

Select a conversation in the left pane to check messages, including the date and time for each message, and the senders and receivers.

If your Verizon account was a business account, you should log in to My Business and follow the same process as above.

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View your text messages with the Verizon Messages Plus application

If you don’t want to log in to Verizon’s website, there’s a more smart solution you can use, which is the Verizon Messages Plus app. It’s a free feature with no monthly charge or subscription fee.

The Verizon Messages Plus texting app lets you sync your text messages across multiple devices. You can download the app from the Google Play Store for Android phones and the App Store for the iPhone. It also has a desktop and web app version from Verizon’s official website.

Once you download the app, it will request you to sync the devices you want to check text messages from.

With the Verizon Messages Plus app, you can text, make and receive calls on devices other than your phone, such as a tablet. You can also do other things, including message scheduling, HD video and voice calls, sending eGift cards to family and friends, plus much more.

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