How to check your AT&T text messages online

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It’s easy to check your AT&T text message history online, even without a phone. If you find yourself unable to view messages on your phone for whatever reason, you don’t have to worry at all because you can view your text messages online through AT&T’s website, including the date, time, and sending or receiving number. You can also see the number of messages sent and received during a billing cycle.

If you ever need to check your AT&T text messages online with or without your cell phone, follow the guide below:

View AT&T text messages online

Step 1

Launch your preferred web browser and go to Set up an online account if you don’t have one; you will need to enter your cell phone number when you do this.

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Step 2

Login using your 10 digit wireless phone number with your username and enter your password.

Step 3

Find and click the tab labeled “Usage & Recent Activity” or something similar such as “Messaging.”

Step 4

Scroll to the “Additional Data Purchased Usage” section and click “view details.”

Step 5

Scroll and click the “Data detail” or “View details” tab to view your text message history that includes “date,” “time,” “from,” “to,” and message size.

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