Update Kodi to the latest version on any device (2023)

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Updating your Kodi to the latest version is always recommended whenever there is a new version. A new Kodi version has many benefits, including improved performance features, security updates, bug fixes, and more. This tutorial will guide you on the step-by-step instruction to update Kodi for every available Kodi platform.


1. Launch Google Play.

2. Click on the hamburger menu (the three lines at the upper left).

3. Click “My apps & games.”

4. If an available Kodi update, you’ll see it under the “Updates pending” section. Click on “Update” on the right of the screen.

5. Wait for the installation to complete.

If you don’t have access to Google Play, you’ll need to install using an APK file.


1. Go to https://kodi.tv/download for the download page of Kodi

2. Scroll down and click the Windows icon, then click “INSTALLER (64BIT).” Kodi installation file will be downloaded to your Windows computer.

3. Once the download is completed, click on the file to complete the installation.

4. Click “Next” on the welcome page.

5. Click “I agree” on the license agreement page.

6. On the page to select components, leave all the components checked and click “Next.”

7. Select the destination folder and click “Next.”

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8. A popup will appear asking if you want to overwrite the previous installation, click “Yes” and then click “OK.”

9. Select a start menu folder, or create a new folder, if you don’t want to create any folder, check “Do not create shortcuts” and click “Install.”

10. Wait for the installation to complete and then click “Finish.”

Xbox One

1. Click the Xbox button to open the guide.

2. Click “My games & apps.”

3. Click “Updates.”

4. If an available Kodi update, click the update and wait for the installation to complete.

Raspberry Pi

1. Launch Kodi and click the “Settings” icon

2. Click “LibreELEC.”

3. Hover over “System.”

4. Change “Automatic Updated” to “Manual.”

5. Click “Update Channel” and change to the latest version.

6. Click “Available Versions” and change to the latest version.

7. Click Yes to confirm the new update.

8. Wait for the update to complete.

Can I update a Kodi Addon?

You can update any Kodi addon. To find out if any Kodi addon update is available, go to your Kodi settings and open “My Addons,” then select “Update.” Or, turn on “Auto-update” to automatically download updates.

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