Use star codes to stop unwanted calls

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It’s easy to unblock a call using star codes. The particular star code to unblock your phone number is *82. Read on for more star codes to help you manage your privacy.

Caller ID technology makes it possible to see who’s calling before you answer the call. You can also use your phone service provider to block your number from appearing on all your outgoing calls. That way, all your outbound calls will display as “unknown” or “no caller id.” However, not everyone will answer a private call that shows up as a hidden or unknown number, and that’s why you may need to unblock your phone number.

This article will show you the simple process to unblock your phone number whenever you need to, without asking your service provider to disable the blocked ID feature on your phone.

Tip: If an unknown number calls or texts you, you can find out who’s the person hiding behind that number by using a powerful service like BeenVerified, which is likely to get you the best result. They are one of the most popular reverse phone lookup platforms with billions of data points to potentially find out who a particular telephone number belongs to.

Unblock caller ID with a star code

Step 1

Switch on your phone.

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Step 2

Press the star key (*) on your phone. The star key is typically located at the bottom of your mobile phone’s dial buttons screen.

Step 3

Enter the number “82” immediately after you press the star (*) key.

Step 4

Enter the number you want to call immediately after *82 (no spaces). If it’s a long-distance call, press “1” followed by the area code.

Step 5

Press the dial button to make your call. Now the recipient will be able to see your phone number.

More star codes you may find helpful to manage your privacy

*60: To block calls from specific phone numbers and send a recording to the callers that say you’re not accepting incoming calls.

*57: This code is handy when trying to track a call. It traces the last incoming received call.

*69: This code will redial the last phone number that called you.

*67: To block and hide your phone number on Caller ID systems.

*72: To forward your call to another phone number.

*70: This is to place your current call on hold so you can answer another incoming phone call.

*77: This code will help you block incoming anonymous private calls.

*82: To disable caller ID block for *67

*80: Disable call block for *60

*87: To disable automatic private call reject for *77