How to type the Pi Symbol on a Mac

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Type the Pi symbol on a Mac computer using the Option and P key. The Pi symbol is one of the most popular mathematical constants used to express the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter and has an approximate value of 22/7, roughly equivalent to “3.1459.”

The Pi symbol is a special Greek alphabet character. Take a quick look at your Macbook keyboard, and you’ll immediately realize there is no keypad you can use to type the symbol. However, you can insert the Pi symbol into any page or document on Mac using the ‘Option’ key.

Another simple way to type the Pi symbol on a Mac is to copy it from a website or online document and paste it on your page. You can also type the Pi symbol on a Word document or Windows computer.

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Type Pi symbol on Mac

  1. Press and hold down the Option key on your Mac keyboard.
  2. Press the letter P while still pressing the Option key.
  3. Release both keys and the Pi symbol will appear on your web page or document.

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