How to type the Pi symbol π using the keyboard

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Type the Pi symbol in Windows computers using an Alt code or the Character Map utility. You can use Alt codes to insert characters not available on your keyboard. Characters for all the fonts installed on your computer are available in the Character Map utility, including Pi symbol fonts. Another way to insert the Pi symbol is to copy it from a website or online document and paste it on your page. You can also type the Pi symbol on a Word document or Mac computer.

Type Pi symbol using Alt code

You can type the Pi symbol on any text editor or field using its Alt code. You have to activate Num lock before you can use Alt codes. First, press the Num Lock key located at the top-right of the numeric keypad and place the cursor in the position where you want to insert the Pi symbol, press and hold Alt and type 227 using the numeric keypad. Release the Alt key for the Pi symbol to appear. Note that the Alt codes will not work if you use the top-row numeric keys on a standard keyboard, you have to use the numeric keys on the right of your keyboard.

Type Pi symbol using the Character Map

You can use the Character Map utility to type thousands of special characters, including the Pi symbol.

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On Windows, click in the search box and type Character Map. Click Character Map from the list of results. Select Symbol from the Font: drop-down box at the top of the utility and then locate the Pi symbol at the end of the fourth row. Click the symbol to copy to the Characters field, click Select next to the Character field, and then click Copy to copy the symbol to the clipboard. Move over to the page where you need the Pi symbol and paste it there by pressing Ctrl + V or right-click your mouse and click Paste.

Copy and paste the Pi symbol

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the Pi symbol. This is actually the easiest method to insert the Pi symbol into your page. Look for any website or online document that already has the Pi symbol. Highlight the symbol, right-click it, and then select Copy or highlight and press Ctrl + C together. Next, move over to your page or document to insert the symbol, right-click your mouse and click Paste or press Ctrl + V together.

Type the Pi symbol on Word and Mac computers

You can type the Pi symbol on a Word document or Mac computer as well. To insert the Pi symbol in Microsoft Word editor, select the Symbol font and press p. To type the Pi symbol on a Mac computer, press and hold the Option key and press p to insert the Pi symbol.

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