Install and set up Trakt on Kodi

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Trakt is an online media tacking platform that helps you keep track of the movies and TV shows you watch. This powerful tool will keep records of all your watching activities and help you discover new content based on your viewing history.

Trakt can also help you sync your movies and TV shows across multiple devices and platforms. Another amazing feature of Trakt is the ability to let you connect and view playlists of other users all across the world with similar interests.

You can use Trakt across numerous platforms, including Kodi, to authorize and sync your Trakt account. Most popular Kodi add-ons support Trakt, including AlvinAsgard, and more, seamlessly integrating across platforms.

Setup Trakt on Kodi

Trakt is an official Kodi add-on. It’s officially available on Kodi, so you don’t have to turn on Unknown Sources during the setup process.

First, you need to sign up for Trakt. It’s a freemium service, meaning there is a free, ad-supported version, and there is a VIP premium version that’s ad-free with plans starting at $2.50 per month.

After you complete the sign up, the next step is to authorize Trakt for every add-on. The settings might be a little bit different depending on each add-on.

Authorize Trakt

1. Launch Kodi.

2. Hover over “Add-ons.”

3. Hover over the add-on you wish to use with Trakt and click the “menu button,” then click “Settings.”

4. Hover over “Accounts.”

5. Click “Authorize” under the Trakt section. You’ll see a popup appear with a code.

6. Go to, enter the code, then click “Continue.”

7. Click “Yes” to allow the add-on to use your account.

8. Once the authorization is completed, you will see your Trakt username in the Trakt section.

How to watch Trakt list in Kodi

The Trakt list might be named differently depending on each add-on.

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1. Launch Kodi.

2. Hover over “Add-ons.”

3. Click on the add-on you wish to use.

4. Click “My Movies” or “My TV Shows” for some of the add-ons. Click “My Trakt List” for other add-ons.

What can you do with Trakt?

As a movie fan, Trakt offers many awesome features. Once you log in to your account, you’ll be presented with your dashboard with superb features, including:

  • Suggestion for new movies and shows you might be interested in.
  • Catalog of your entire shows and movies collection
  • Hundreds of streaming platforms where you can watch movies and TV shows.
  • View the history of all your previously watched contents.
  • Track the progress and get full overview of your collected content.
  • Create personal lists for TV shows, episodes, actors, and more.
  • Use a personalized calendar so you won’t miss new episodes of your favorite movies and TV shows.
  • View featured lists of other Trakt users
  • Create a watchlish of content you find interesting and would like to watch.
  • View your ratings and comments.
  • Check popular movie trends among the Trakt community
  • Discover and connect with new friends who share similar interests.
  • Share your activity on social media.
  • Receive emails and push notifications.

Trakt VIP

Trakt VIP is the paid version of Trakt free version. Trakt is a freemium service. You can use Trakt for free, but the VIP version offers much more features, including:

  • Free of advertisement unlike the free version.
  • Get detailed statistics for your watch activities all the time all year.
  • Advanced filter options of movies and shows by genre, language, certification, country, network, year, ratings, and runtime.
  • Calendar notifications.
  • VIP badges.
  • Header image on profile.
  • Dark theme option.
  • Access to VIP forum.
  • Amazon Alexa integration.
  • Plex media server integration.
  • Export your movie collections, history, list, comments, and rating to CSV file.

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