Send text messages from a computer to a Verizon cell phone number

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You can send a text message to a Verizon number without using a mobile phone. Every Verizon Wireless cell phone can receive a text message, thanks to the unique email address assigned to each phone number. You can use the text message section on Verizon’s website or send an email through your email application such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail.

The email will show up on the recipient’s phone as a text message, while you as the sender can also reply to an emailed text message, which will appear in your email inbox.

Send a text from PC via the Verizon website

Step 1

Launch your browser and go to the Verizon Wireless homepage

Step 2

Navigate to Verizon’s text message page.

Step 3

Enter the Verizon Wireless phone number in the “Send To” field without parentheses and dashes; remember to include your area code. For example, if the phone number is (123) 456-7891, type “1234567891” in the field. If you wish to send the message to multiple phone numbers, separate each number with a comma.

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Step 4

Enter your name in the “From” field and your email address in the “Reply To-Address” field.

Step 5

Enter your telephone number in the “Callback Number” optional field.

Step 6

Type your message in the “Your Message” field and keep an eye on the number of characters. The maximum message length is 140 characters.

Step 7

Click the “Send” button to send your email message as a Verizon text.

Send a text from PC via email to Verizon cell phone

Step 1

Open and log in to your preferred email application account such as Yahoo! Mail Gmail, Outlook, or iCloud Mail.

Step 2

Click on the “Compose” button to compose a new message

Step 3

Enter the mobile number you wish to send the message to into the email “To” field, and type “” immediately after the phone number. For example, if the mobile number is (123) 456-7891, the email address would be “” You may optionally enter a message title in the subject field. For MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), use “” after the phone number.

Step 4

Type your message to the recipient, and click the “Send” button to complete the process.

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