Send text messages from a computer to a T-Mobile cell phone number

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There are two ways to send an SMS message from your computer to a T-Mobile cell phone. T-Mobile allows customers with its My T-Mobile Text Messaging tool to send text messages to other T-Mobile subscribers. This can also save you money as it doesn’t cost you anything to send a text, but the recipient may pay standard fees to receive the text depending on his phone plan.

You can also send an email to a T-Mobile cellular number as a text; T-Mobile will convert and deliver the email to the recipient’s phone as an SMS text message.

Text to T-Mobile phone from a computer via the website

Below is a step by step process you can follow to send text messages from your computer to other T-Mobile customers:

Step 1

Launch your preferred web browser and go to the T-Mobile website

Step 2

Log in to your “My T-Mobile Account.”

Step 3

Navigate to the “MobileLife” menu and select “E-Mail and Text Tools.”

Step 4

Click “Send a Text Message.”

Step 5

Enter your mobile number into the “From” field and the receiver’s cell phone number in the “To” field.

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Step 6

Type your text in the Body field and click “Send.”

Text to a T-Mobile cell phone from a computer via email

Follow the steps below to send text messages to other T-Mobile customers using your email.

Step 1

Open and log in to your preferred email application such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, or iCloud Mail.

Step 2

Click on “Compose” and draft the message you wish to send. Keep in mind that text messages are limited to 160 characters so consider the character limit while typing your message. Longer messages will be broken into multiple text messages. You may optionally enter a subject, which is also included in the 160 characters.

Step 3

Enter the recipient’s T-Mobile phone number (including the area code) into the “To” field and type “” immediately after the mobile number (SMS & MMS). For example, if the phone number is (123) 456-7891, the email address would be “”.

Step 4

Click the “Send” button to complete the process and send the message through the T-Mobile network.

The recipient should receive the email message on his cell phone in the form of a text.

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