How to get text message history from cell phone

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Getting your cell phone’s text message history is relatively easy. You can retrieve your message history and view all text messages sent and received in two ways. The first way is to look in the cell phone itself through the inbox and outbox messages. Unless you delete a message, your phone keeps a record of all your texts. The second way is to log in to your cell phone carrier’s website to get the text message history. However, some carriers may not allow you to see the actual messages, but they do provide when the text messages were sent and the destination number for each text.

Get text message history from cell phone

The first method is to manually retrieve your message history through the “Messaging” menu.

Step 1

Look for the menu icon somewhere on your cell phone screen. The location will vary but should be very visible on the home screen.

Step 2

Once you find the menu icon, tap on it to open up more icons. Look for the word “Messaging” within the list of icons.

Step 3

Tap on “Messaging” to see your message history. Depending on the model of your phone model, you’ll see words like “Sent” and “Received” or “Inbox” and “Outbox.”

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Step 4

Click on “Sent” or “Outbox” to see a list of all the text messages you’ve sent. Click on “Inbox” or “Received” to see a list of all the text messages you’ve received.

Get text message history from your carrier

If you erased your messages or, for whatever reason, you couldn’t find your text message history through manual search from the messaging menu of your cell phone; you’ll need to sign in to your provider’s online account to get the message history.

Step 1

Launch your preferred web browser and log in to your provider’s website. If your carrier is Verizon Wireless, then visit If your carrier is AT&T, enter into your browser. If you are a t-mobile subscriber, visit and click on “My account” on the top right to log in.

Step 2

Look for “create an account” to set up an online account if you don’t have one, and log into your account with your username and password.

Step 3

Find a tab labeled “Messaging” or something similar such as “Usage & Recent Activity.” Follow the instruction to view details of your message history, including the date and time for each message, and the senders and receivers. Some carriers may provide the content of each message.

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