Take a screenshot on any Samsung Galaxy or Note tablet

screenshot on samsung tablet

There are many versions of Samsung tablets available right now; hence, the frustration of looking for the exact tutorial that applies to your particular tablet model. You just want to take a screenshot on your Samsung tablet; how are you supposed to know which online tutorial will work best for your model? Well, here’s a …

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Take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10

screenshot on samsung note 10

There are plenty of easy ways to take a screenshot on Samsung phones, and there are many situations where a screenshot can be useful – whether you want to share something you came across online with friends or obtain image proof of your latest findings with colleagues. We will be using the Galaxy Note 10 …

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How to turn off autocorrect on iPad?

turn off autocorrect on ipad

The iPad has an autocorrect feature that automatically corrects typos for you. It can either be a blessing or a curse depending on your writing style. Yes, it helps fix misspelled words and improve your typing, especially considering typing with an on-screen keyboard might feel different from an actual keyboard. The tool uses an extensive …

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How to turn off autocorrect on Samsung

turn off autocorrect on Samsung

Autocorrect might seem like a lifesaver when typing at times, correcting your typos in texts or emails. It can be handy on your Samsung phone, allowing you to type much faster. Autocorrect can also work against you, predicting and suggesting the wrong choice of words – especially when typing more complex scientific or legal terms. …

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How to turn off autocorrect on Android phone or tablet

turn off autocorrect android

Autocorrect on your Android phone or tablet can be useful and convenient, especially if you want to get your message across quickly – it can also be annoying with wrong suggestions and corrections, as it doesn’t always get it right. Everyone has had at least one or two personal experiences with their phone changing words …

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How to turn off autocorrect on iPhone?

turn off autocorrect iphone

The iPhone autocorrect feature is useful for predicting and correcting words or phrases as you type. It’ll automatically fix a typo like “frmo” to “from” if you’re typing quickly. The fact that your iPhone can autocorrect and suggest words while typing, even if it’s not 100% reliable, is pretty impressive and convenient most of the …

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How to update your iPhone or iPad

update iphone ios version

It’s always a good idea to update your iPhone (or iPad) to the latest software. Apple regularly releases updates throughout the year, often to improve functions, fixing bugs, and apply the latest security. You can make your iPhone update itself automatically. iPhone made auto-update available from iOS 5 version and higher – or you can …

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Change the default email app on iPhone

change default mail app on iPhone

Apple has never allowed users to change the default built-in email app on the iPhone and iPad. But all that changed starting with the new update in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 launched on September 16, 2020. Users can now change their default email app from Apple’s Mail app to third-party email apps, including Outlook …

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Make Chrome the default browser on Android

google chrome browser on android device

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers because it loads and displays web pages fast. It’s also the most downloaded browser used by millions around the world. Apart from loading web pages quickly, Chrome comes with a sleek and basic design, making it very easy to use. On most Android devices, Google Chrome …

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How to make a conference call on iPhone

make conference call on iphone

You might not know this, but you can make a conference with your iPhone by simply using a conference call feature in the iPhone Phone app. However, the number of participants at any given time is limited to five (including yourself). The process of starting a conference call on your iPhone is easy and straightforward. …

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