What does SOS only mean on iPhone and 11 ways to fix It


“SOS Only” on your iPhone indicates that you’re in an area where your mobile carrier’s signal is not available. In this situation, you won’t be able to make regular phone calls, send text messages, or access the internet as usual. Your iPhone can only make emergency calls, such as dialing 911. To resolve this issue, …

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How to change touch screen sensitivity on Android and iPhone?


Your smartphone comes with a default touch sensitivity that’s set at an ideal level for most users. However, there are situations where you might want to adjust the touchscreen sensitivity. One such situation is when you apply a touch screen protector, which can sometimes slow down touch response. In such cases, it’s recommended to increase …

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8 Ways to fix ‘Voicemail not working issue on Android smartphones

voicemail not working android

When your voicemail isn’t working on your Android phone, it can be frustrating. To quickly get it back up and running, you should identify the issue causing the problem. In this article, we’ll share eight effective methods to fix the ‘voicemail not working’ issue on your Android smartphone. Voicemail not working on Android smartphones To …

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How to enable a screensaver on iPhone?

enable screensaver iphone

There are lots of ways to enable a screensaver on an iPhone. Screensavers were designed to prevent images from fading out of a screen over time. Your iPhone screen is set by default to automatically sleep off after some seconds of inactivity, and a screensaver would kick in, moving images across the screen to prevent …

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How to strikethrough text on iPhone

strikethrough text iphone

Strikethrough text on an iPhone can be tricky at times. With small screens and finger-based input, it can be hard to select text accurately or cross out text. It’s even more frustrating when you need to underline, strikethrough, or bold a text. That’s because the standard apps on your iPhone/iPad do not allow this. Luckily, …

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How to unblur a picture on an iPhone (or iPad)

unblur picture iphone

You can unblur a picture on your iPhone with simple-to-use third-party tools. You snapped what you thought was a great-looking photo with your iPhone — only to open your camera roll and find the photo is a little blurry. Before you swipe your blurry picture into the trashcan, you can use a third-party iOS app …

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How to edit and unsend messages on your iPhone

unsend iphone message

There are plenty of reasons you may want to unsend an iPhone text message after you send it. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to recall most texts once it has left your mobile phone. Depending on how you send the text message, you may be able to quickly unsend it if it has not been …

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How to easily get Settings icon back on iPhone home screen

restore settings icon iphone

The iPhone Settings icon is an essential part of the iOS operating system software, making it almost impossible to delete it from your iPhone. If you cannot find the Settings icon on your iPhone screen, the most likely scenario is that you accidentally lost the Settings icon by mistakenly moving it to a new folder. …

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Safari icon missing from iPhone or iPad?

safari icon missing

If the Safari icon is missing from the Home screen of your Apple iPhone or iPad, here are five ways to recover the icon. Check Home screens and folders The first step is to check whether the Safari icon is hidden on another screen. Swipe the Home screen to the left or right to see …

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