How to send a text from a different phone number (not your own)

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There are a few options to send text messages from a different number than your real phone number. Many people use fake numbers for texting because they want to keep their usual cellphone numbers private. Our lives and communications are moving online. As we text and talk through our phones and computers, we leave digital footprints that can be tracked, monitored, and manipulated.

For example, maybe you’re sending a text to a new mom and don’t want your friend contacting her, potentially violating her time alone with her new baby. Or maybe you want to sign up for a service and don’t want them calling you on your personal number. Either way, fake number apps and online services can help you send texts from a different phone number so you are not tied to your real cell number.

If you’re concerned about the security of your real cellphone, data, texting, or using a different number, you can use a fake number app or service that assigns you a new temporary or permanent phone number. We’ve tested some of the best apps for hiding phone numbers and found that Hushed and Burner are two of the most reliable with superb options.

Phone numbers and text messaging

Text messaging is a simple way to have a conversation with someone. Having your number attached to the text makes it even easier for people to reach you.

There are cases where you may want to send a text message and don’t want it to be from your mobile number. This might be handy for anonymously filing a complaint or pranking your friends. You may also want to set up a phone number for your business that’s separate from your personal phone number.

Most people use their phone number as their primary identifier when signing up for online services or communicating with others online. This makes it easier for people to contact you, but it also means that your phone number can potentially be used to track your activity on the web or your phone.

While there’s safety in being identifiable, there’s also safety in remaining anonymous. Most people give out their phone number only to people they know personally and trust, or to businesses that have a legitimate reason to need it.

Tip: If an unknown number texts or calls you, you can find out who’s the person hiding behind that number by using a powerful service like BeenVerified, which is likely to get you the best result. They are one of the most popular reverse phone lookup platforms with billions of data points to potentially find out who a particular telephone number belongs to.

Fake number apps

The use of a fake number isn’t a new concept, but it is a great way to protect your privacy and to keep your real phone number from being tied to your personal identity.

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If you’re not keen on giving out your phone number to a stranger, or you want to protect your text messages from prying eyes, you can search for “temporary” or “fake” numbers online through search engines such as Google or Bing. Some sites will provide a web-based temporary or permanent phone number which you can also use for texting, while others will provide a downloadable application for your smartphone.

The two most popular apps for texting anonymously are Hushed and Burner. There are different price points depending on the services offered, so shop around for one that offers the pricing and features that fit your needs.

Additionally, you can use apps like Google Voice to assign you extra phone numbers that will forward directly to your actual phone number or an app on your mobile phone.

Other services like Plivo and Twilio, are more useful for automating business texts. You may need to have some programming knowledge to set them up.

Other options for texting with a different phone number

There are other ways to send a text without leaving a trace back to you, such as texting from a phone belonging to a relative or friend.

If you use a different phone to send the text, there’s no way to link it with your phone. The only risk is that someone will find out that the text was sent from a new phone and start looking for the owner of the phone.

Another option that can be costly is to buy a new mobile phone or another SIM card for a new cellphone account, then you can start sending texts from the new number.

Ethics and legality

You can take advantage of apps that allow you to send anonymous texts. These apps are legal, but make sure you are not crossing the line of harassment and fraud. Always use your best judgment to stay on the side of caution when sending anonymous texts. Don’t send texts that contains threatening or obscene language and don’t do anything that can cause someone to get hurt.

Note that most of these apps and services that provide additional phone numbers always keep records of everyone assigned a phone number. If a law enforcement agency investigates you or someone sues you for a text-related offence, there are possibilities to link the phone number to you through the company data logs.

Furthermore, many phone services and texting companies have policies that prohibit fraud, harassment, and other questionable and unethical uses.

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