Anonymous text message: Hide your phone number when texting

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Can you send an anonymous text to someone without your phone number showing up on the other end? Yes, you can send text messages from your phone and keep your number private by following a few simple steps.

There are many reasons you might want to send an anonymous text message. Maybe you don’t want your boss to know that you’re texting during work hours. Maybe you’re texting your partner and don’t want them to know it’s you.

One of the easiest ways to send anonymous texts is through an anonymous text-sharing app. This type of app will allow you to create a private account with your cell phone number that you can use to send an anonymous text. Messages sent through these apps are encrypted and will show up as ‘anonymous’ on the recipient’s phone, so the actual sender will never be revealed.

Another way to send anonymous text messages is by using a disposable phone number. This phone number lets you have a completely new, anonymous phone number (with no caller ID) that can be used for sending SMS and MMS messages.

The simplest way to hide your phone number when texting is to use an email address via SMS gateways. Using an email address to send text messages is a great method for texting anonymously if you don’t want to give away your precious personal details.

Send anonymous texts via emails through SMS gateways

The most simple option to send an anonymous text is to use an email address. You can even use your computer. However, you’ll need to set up a new email account, so there can’t be any trace back to you cause your email address will appear as the “sender” of the text message. All the major cell phone carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile offer free Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) gateways that make it possible to send email from your phone or computer as a text message.

For example, if the number you wish to text is 123-456-7891, and it’s a Verizon number, you can send a text from your email address to If the recipient replies to you via text, you’ll get the response in your email. You can also use this method to text someone if you can’t remember their email address. SMS simply means text message only, while MMS means a multimedia message that can also include video, audio, or pictures.

Use any of the following SMS/MMS gateway templates depending on the recipient’s phone carrier:

Verizon Wireless – SMS: [Phone number]; MMS: [Phone number]

AT&T – SMS: [Phone number]; MMS: [Phone number]

T-Mobile – SMS/MMS: [Phone number]

Sprint – SMS: [Phone number]; MMS: [Phone number]

Below are more carriers with their email formats, simply add the recipient phone number before the “@” and tap or click “Send” after you compose your message.

Cricket –,

US Cellular – SMS:, MMS:

Boost Mobile – SMS:, MMS:

Xfinity Mobile – SMS:, MMS:

Straight Talk – SMS:, MMS:

Virgin Mobile – SMS:, MMS:

Republic Wireless –

Alltel –

Metro PCS – (SMS & MMS)

Nextel –

VoiceStream –

SunCom –

C-Spire –

Consumer Cellular –

Google Project Fi– (SMS & MMS)

Mint Mobile –

Page Plus – SMS:, MMS:

Simple Mobile –

Ting – SMS for CDMA:, SMS for GSM:

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Tracfone –

Red Pocket – uses AT&T or T-Mobile (for GSM SIMs) & Verizon for CDMA

Two things to keep in mind:

Message limit: Text messages are limited to 160 characters due to the design of the SMS gateway protocol, so consider the character limit when typing your message. Longer messages will be broken into multiple texts. You may optionally enter a subject, which is also included in the 160 characters.

Fees: The recipient of your text may have to pay text messaging fees depending on their mobile carrier.

Apps to send an anonymous text

There are plenty of apps you can use to make your number private when texting. These apps are perfect for anyone who wants to send a text but doesn’t want the recipient to know who they are. Signal and TextNow are two of the most reputable ones we’ve researched, so you can choose which one is right for you.


Signal is a free, open-source app that offers secure end-to-end encryption for calls and text messages. The app has an option to hide your caller ID, so you can call or text without revealing your cell phone number. You can also use it to send files and images securely. Signal is available to download for free on Android and iOS.


TextNow allows you to get multiple free phone numbers and send unlimited free texts to any cell phone in the US and Canada. You can use TextNow to send unlimited texts to anyone even if they are not TextNow users. You can also send pictures, voice recordings, and video calls too. You can download TextNow for both iOS and Android phones. TextNow also supports desktop computers: launch your preferred web browser and go to to start calling and texting for free with a second phone number.

Burner number for anonymous texting

It’s also possible to use a disposable burner phone number for anonymous texting. These “burner” numbers cannot be traced to any cell phone number and are useful for people who want to text or call but prefer not to use their personal number. Burner numbers are perfect for people who wish to remain anonymous when texting someone else. This way, their personal information is not revealed, and there is no way for anyone to know who they are or where they live.

We’ve tested some of the best Burner apps for sending anonymous text and found that the two most popular are Hushed and Burner. There are different price points depending on the service you want, so shop around for one that offers the pricing and features that fit your needs. All you have to do is download the one you prefer, set up an account, and then you can start sending anonymous texts from your phone.

Use a VoIP service as a second phone number for texting

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a technology that lets you send text messages or make telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of your regular phone line. VoIP can be used for many purposes. Some people use it as a second phone number to avoid giving out their personal number to strangers. Others use it to save money by using VoIP rather than traditional long-distance providers. And some people use it as an additional line for their business.

You can use a VoIP service to get a second phone number for texting anyone you don’t want to see your cell phone number. The most popular VoIP service is Google Voice, which you can use to get an extra phone number. The best part is you can get it for free as part of your Gmail account.

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