How to see your Instagram password while logged in (2024)

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Forgetting your Instagram password can happen easily because apps on your iPhone or Android devices often keep you logged in, making it convenient. But if you need to log out and can’t recall your password, it can be challenging, especially with many social media sites needing passwords.

To resolve this issue, you have a few options:

Forgot Password Link: If you can’t access your Instagram account, tap on the “Forgot password?” link on the login screen. Follow the on-screen instructions. This will initiate the password reset process.

Already Logged In: If you’re already logged into Instagram and merely want to view your password without resetting it, you can do that too. Instructions in this article for both iPhone and Android devices will guide you on how to see your Instagram password when logged in.

How to see your Instagram password

To view your Instagram password, follow these steps for both iPhone and Android devices:

For iPhone Users:

  1. Go to your iPhone’s settings.
  2. Find and select “Passwords.”
  3. Scroll down to locate “” and select it.
  4. Your Instagram password will be revealed.

For Android Users:

  1. Access your Google Account through your phone’s settings.
  2. Select “Manage your Google Account.”
  3. Go to the “Security” section.
  4. You can view your saved passwords in the “Password Manager.”

Passwords for apps you’ve signed up for on your device are typically stored automatically, making it convenient for you to access them.

Now, let’s delve into more detail for both iPhone and Android devices.

How to see your Instagram password on iPhone

To view your Instagram password on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Access Settings: Open your iPhone’s “Settings” app because this is where your saved passwords are stored.
  • Navigate to Passwords: Scroll down until you find the “Passwords” section and select it. This section lets you view your saved passwords, including your Instagram account’s password. It should be located directly under the “Wallet & Apple Pay” section.
  • Unlock Passwords: You’ll need to verify your identity before accessing your saved passwords. You can do this using Touch ID, Face ID, or your device’s passcode.
  • Find Once you’ve unlocked the “Passwords” page, look for the entry labeled “” Here, you’ll find your Instagram login details, including your username and password.
  • Copy Password: To use your Instagram password, you can copy it by tapping, holding, and selecting the “Password” field. After copying, you can paste it into the password field on Instagram’s login screen.
  • Consider If you can’t find “,” you can also look for “” in your saved passwords. Your Facebook password might be similar to your Instagram password. If you find it, you can try using your Facebook password to log in to your Instagram account.
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Please remember to keep your passwords secure and use this information responsibly.

How to see your Instagram password on Android

To view your Instagram password on an Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your Android phone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Google.”
  3. Tap on “Manage your Google Account.”
  4. On the navigation bar at the top, swipe to the right and select “Security.”
  5. Continue scrolling down, then tap on “Password Manager.”
  6. Look for “Instagram” in the list of saved passwords.
  7. Tap on “Instagram” to access your Instagram password.
  8. To reveal the password, you’ll need to verify your identity. You can do this by entering your device passcode or using your fingerprint.
  9. Once verified, tap on the eye icon next to the password to display it.

If you can’t find the “Instagram” tab, you can try tapping on “Facebook” instead, as your Facebook and Instagram passwords may be similar.

How to view your Instagram password while logged in on your (Laptop/PC)

To view your Instagram password while logged in on your PC or laptop, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer. Click on the three vertical dots icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. In the dropdown menu that appears, scroll down to find the “Settings” link at the bottom. Click on it.
  3. On the Settings page, you’ll see a search bar. Click on it and type “Passwords.”
  4. “Passwords” will appear in the Autofill results. Click on it. You’ll be taken to a page where you can see all your saved passwords.
  5. To view your Instagram password, you may need to verify your computer’s lock method (e.g., password, PIN, or fingerprint).

That’s it! You’ve successfully accessed your Instagram password on your PC or laptop through Google Chrome. This method can be handy if you ever need to recover your password when logged in.

The bottom line

To conclude, on a few important points:

  1. Password Reminder: If you haven’t logged out of your Instagram account for an extended period, it’s possible that you may have forgotten your password. This is a common issue, especially if you rely on the app to keep you logged in.
  2. Recording Your Password: If the guide you’ve followed has helped you recover or view your Instagram password, it’s advisable to make a note of it and keep it in a safe place. This precautionary step can save you the trouble of having to reset your password or look for it again in the future.
  3. Staying Informed: Social media, like Instagram, is constantly changing and evolving. To make the most of your social media experience, it’s important to stay updated with the latest news and trends on each platform.