20 Best WhatsApp Web tips, tricks, and shortcuts

computer displaying whatsapp web tips

WhatsApp Web tips and tricks Whatsapp Web, the web version of the popular messaging app, has no doubt improved since it was first introduced in 2015, offering a great messaging experience. To make it even better, new features are being added on a regular basis. While WhatsApp Web may seem like the basic web version …

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How to factory reset your iPhone and erase all data

iphone factory settings

To factory reset an iPhone or iPad: Tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. If prompted, enter passcode/fingerprint/Face ID > Erase iPhone/iPad > Enter Apple ID password. Your iPhone (or iPad) will now factory reset. But before you factory reset your iPhone or iPad, there are some necessary precautions to …

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How to reset network settings on iPhone (or iPad)

network settings on iphone

iPhone network settings are the options that control internet connections on your iPhone, allowing you to connect to Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Sometimes, your iPhone may have internet or network-related problems making it difficult to connect to Wi-Fi or mobile data. When this happens, it means your iPhone network connection has been disrupted. Resetting an …

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19 simple ways to fix iPhone that won’t connect to WiFi

iPhone wifi connection problem

If you are experiencing Wi-Fi problems on your iPhone, you are not alone. Many iPhone users are experiencing the same Wi-Fi problem as you are, and it’s unfortunate. This can be very frustrating, especially if you have things to do with your iPhone at that particular moment. More frustrating is the fact that there are …

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How to show hidden files and folders in Windows 10, 8 & 7

Hidden Files in Windows PC

There are situations when you need to view hidden system files and folders, especially when performing system maintenance. Windows hide important files and folders by default; this is done to protect these files and prevent users from modifying or deleting files that could damage their systems. There are a few reasons you might need to …

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How to text from a computer with Android Messages

Android Messages by google

Ever wondered if it’s possible to send and receive text messages on your computer? Wouldn’t it be great to reply to the next incoming text without having to pick up your phone? Android Messages for web lets you pair your computer to your phone to send and receive SMS messages from either device. It’s simple …

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How to turn a PC into a WiFi hotspot (Windows & Mac)

Woman turns computer into wifi hotspot, share internet to tablet pc

Sharing Internet connection from your computer to other devices is relatively easy thanks to the internet connection sharing feature in Windows and Mac. Also, free Wi-Fi hotspot apps like Connectify allows you to easily share your PC or Mac internet with your other devices. Here’s how the whole thing works. Hotels and other locations like …

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