What LMAO means! ROFL, OMG, SMH, BRB, AFAIK, BFF, IMO, NP, & more!

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LMAO means “laughing my ass off,” LMAO is one of many acronyms for laughter. There are plenty of acronyms used in texting that stand for many other things. Acronyms like LMAO allow people to communicate faster while conveying the same meaning.

What does LMAO mean?

LMAO is a very popular slang used for chatting and text messaging on social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and many more. You’ve probably seen the LMAO acronym at one time or the other and may have been wondering what it means.

LMAO is mostly used during text conversations to describe something hilarious. When it’s something that’s extremely funny, people say LMFAO, meaning “laughing my f**king A** off.” However, many people deem LMFAO to be vulgar and NSFW (not safe for work.) Below are eight examples of using LMAO as a sentence:

When to use LMAO in everyday conversation

  1. When you’re really amused.
  2. When you’re laughing so hard that your stomach hurts.
  3. When you can’t stop laughing at something funny that happened.
  4. When something is so funny, it’s not even funny anymore because it’s just so ridiculous.
  5. To show how much you enjoyed something or show appreciation for someone’s humorous comment.
  6. To express disbelief or sarcasm about the situation or what someone has said. You can also do this by using “lol” instead of “lmao.”
  7. If someone has just told you a bad joke, you can use LOL to let them know that it was not funny and that they should stop telling jokes.
  8. You can also use LMAO with your friends when one of them tells a story that is not amusing or entertaining. This lets them know that their story was not well received and forces them to come up with a new one.

ROFL, which means “rolling on the floor laughing,” is another acronym regularly used alongside LMAO, such as “ROFLMAO.” ROFLMAO signifies something that’s very hilarious!

7 laughter acronyms and slang

LOL is an acronym for “Laugh Out Loud.” It is a common internet slang that is used to express humor or amusement. It also means laughing very hard. LOL can also be written as “haha” or “hahaha.”

LOLZ basically means “more than one laugh.”

ROFL is an acronym that stands for “Rolling On the Floor Laughing.” It is used to convey humor and laughter online. ROFL has been used in various contexts, such as in comics, the internet, and everyday speech. ROFL can be used to describe a funny situation or a joke that was told by someone else. It can also be used when someone laughs at their own joke.

LQTM means “Laughing quietly to myself.” It’s a term that has been widely used in the past few years. It is often used to express amusement or sarcasm, like when someone finds something amusing but doesn’t want to make it obvious to everyone else.

LSMH is an acronym for “Laughing and shaking my head.” It’s a commonly used acronym to express disagreement with someone or something. Laughing and shaking my head is an expression of disagreement. It is often used in internet forums, chat rooms, and social media sites to show that the poster disagrees with the previous statement or comment.

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LMHO is a common acronym used in texting and online chat. It stands for “Laughing My Head Off.” LMHO is usually used when someone finds something really funny or laughs hysterically about something.

HAHA: The word HAHA has a lot of meanings depending on the context. It can mean “haha,” which is a laugh, or it can also mean “you’re right,” but it can also be used in other ways.

Alternative meanings for LMAO

Since Internet slang and abbreviation is a constantly changing entity, LMAO can and already has taken on some alternative meanings that vary depending on the context, which means there are other meanings LMAO is used for besides “laugh my ass out.” While some of them can be hilariously funny, you’ll need to make sure that your friends know what they mean. Here are five other possible meanings of LMAO

  • Lick me all over!
  • Let’s meet (or last man) at the office.
  • Leave me alone, okay?
  • Let’s make an offer/oath.
  • Laughing my arms (or ankles) off.

Common chat acronyms, internet terms, and text abbreviations

Text and chat abbreviations are a form of shorthand that people use when they text to save time and space. It also helps to speed up communication. People are often short of time when typing on social media or exchanging text messages. To help quicken communication, they prefer to use a variety of acronyms and abbreviations in place of longer phrases. Below are more online acronyms and their meanings you may need to know:

  • ATM means “at the moment.”
  • AFAIK means “as far as I know.”
  • AAMOF means “as a matter of fact.”
  • ASAP means “as soon as possible.”
  • AFK means “away from keyboard.”
  • BFF means “best friends forever.”
  • BRB means “be right back.”
  • BTW means “by the way.”
  • BTT means “back to topic.”
  • BC (B/C) means “because.”
  • CYA means “see you” or “cover your a**.”
  • DIY means “do it yourself.”
  • DL means “down low.”
  • GDL means “go down low.”
  • EOD means “end of discussion.”
  • FYEO (4YEO) means “for your eyes only.”
  • FWIW means “for what it’s worth.”
  • GR8 means “great.”
  • IRL means “in real life.”
  • IDK means “I don’t know.”
  • IMO means in my opinion.”
  • IMHO means “In my (humble/honest) opinion.”
  • JK means “just kidding.”
  • LOL means “laugh out loud.”
  • L8R means “Later.”
  • NOYB means “none of your business.”
  • noob (n00b) means “newbie/newcomer.”
  • NP means “no problem.”
  • OT means “off topic.”
  • OMG means oh my god.”
  • OTOH means “on the other hand.”
  • RTM/RTFM means “read the (effing) manual.”
  • SMH means “shaking my head.”
  • TMI means “too much information.”
  • TIA means “thanks in advance.”
  • TTYL means “talk to you later.”
  • TY means “thank you.”
  • TYVM means “thank you very much.”
  • WTF means “what the f***.”

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