100+ Kahoot Game Pins (Codes) to join live [work in 2024]

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Kahoot is an educational platform that enables users to create quizzes. It’s designed to be an enjoyable and interactive tool for learning. You can utilize it in various settings such as classrooms, offices, and presentations.

To use Kahoot, you must create a quiz and share the associated game pin with others. If you wish to participate in a quiz, you’ll need to enter the specific game pin. Once the quiz begins, participants compete against each other to achieve the highest score. To do this, you must answer questions quickly and accurately.

This article contains a list of random Kahoot game pins and codes to join right now that will always work.

How to play Kahoot Kahoot

  1. Get a Kahoot Game Pin: First, you need to get a unique game pin from the host of the Kahoot game. This pin is like a key that allows you to join the specific game.
  2. Visit Kahoot Website: Go to the website https://kahoot.it/ on your computer or open the Kahoot app on your device.
  3. Enter Game Pin: Once you’re on the Kahoot website or app, you’ll see a place to enter the game pin. Type in the pin you received from the host and click or tap “Enter.”
  4. Wait to Begin: Now, you’ll need to wait for everyone else who wants to play to join the game as well. The game will start when the host decides, typically after all the participants have joined.
  5. Answer Questions: When the game begins, you’ll see questions displayed on your device’s screen. Read each question carefully and choose your answer from the options provided. Use your device to submit your answers.

That’s it! You continue answering questions and earn points based on your correct answers. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

How do I get Kahoot game pins?

To get Kahoot game pins, you can either receive them from the host of the game or find them on platforms like YouTube, Reddit, or other social media sites. On YouTube, search for “Kahoot” and use the filter to select “Live” results. Then, choose a live Kahoot game and join it by entering the provided game pin.

Random Kahoot Game Pins that always work

Kahoot game pins:

  • 462963
  • 9739842
  • 1032947
  • 2860718
  • 2685879
  • 6248961
  • 7483616
  • 8751206
  • 1375227
  • 6356766
  • 6488335
  • 8531762
  • 3924695
  • 3527340
  • 8847171
  • 4924107
  • 5104291
  • 9661235
  • 5504297
  • 0088603
  • 4529739
  • 4729251
  • 7734352
  • 8296578
  • 0907979
  • 9925905
  • 8109149
  • 3059963
  • 8961012
  • 6752591
  • 3661232
  • 5388125
  • 3854929
  • 3854929
  • 9776785
  • 8781249
  • 9221589
  • 4504061
  • 1183231
  • 5058652
  • 6472913
  • 9825110
  • 8609604
  • 7299607
  • 4766526
  • 9621714
  • 7559381
  • 9935813
  • 2260489
  • 7494247
  • 2751672
  • 9506990
  • 7401818
  • 3003196
  • 5231609
  • 5515478
  • 2557118
  • 7273295
  • 7693235
  • 4794956
  • 3679633
  • 6785702

The Kahoot game pins above are typically available for use, but they may not always have a host. These pins are used to join various Kahoot games, which can be hosted in places like schools, Twitch, YouTube, or other social media platforms.

If a pin doesn’t work, there are a few potential reasons:

  • No Host: The pin might not be active because there’s no host currently running the game.
  • Game Full: It’s possible that the game is already at its maximum capacity, and you’ll need to wait for someone to leave before you can join.
  • Incorrect Code: Another reason could be that you entered the pin incorrectly. Make sure to accurately copy and paste the code into the designated field to ensure it’s correct.
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Random Kahoot codes that always work

  • 6385429
  • 3599729
  • 8243315
  • 4570467
  • 9005378
  • 7510866
  • 8883121
  • 5598166
  • 8120530
  • 7734515
  • 2028682
  • 6154112
  • 9868808
  • 3200681
  • 2651970
  • 6498540
  • 4096713
  • 2039080
  • 3890553
  • 5122413
  • 9805730
  • 4692465
  • 1399469
  • 6067999
  • 8407000
  • 8674021
  • 1521393
  • 9672964
  • 4594399
  • 4077260
  • 2596345
  • 8205409
  • 2441050
  • 5774074
  • 1654122
  • 7374510
  • 5488439
  • 3659589
  • 2979437
  • 9640750
  • 8524157
  • 2493191
  • 8606341
  • 4170701
  • 4122686
  • 7673277
  • 1391772
  • 6418665
  • 3619740
  • 6424553
  • 5058151
  • 8273157
  • 7087455
  • 9250789
  • 5894619
  • 7982954
  • 5274459
  • 1797313
  • 8903050
  • 8148650
  • 4827828
  • 1313002

The provided Kahoot codes above are hosted by various people.

If a code does not work, consider attempting one of the other codes on the list.

Occasionally, there may not be an active host for a particular game.

If this happens, you’ll have to wait until another host generates a similar code for that game before you can join.

New Kahoot game pins and codes will be added to the list, and existing ones will be updated.

You can save this article webpage for future reference by clicking the star icon in Chrome and check back later for additional codes.

Where to get Kahoot game pin codes

To get a valid Kahoot game PIN codes, follow these methods:

Kahoot Pin Codes From YouTube:

  • YouTube is a good source for random Kahoot pins. Many YouTube channels host Kahoot sessions regularly and share Kahoot codes with their subscribers.
  • Search for “Kahoot live to join now” on YouTube to find these channels.
  • In these live streams, you’ll discover channels that provide valid and active Kahoot code pins for instant access.

Kahoot Pin Codes From Discord:

  • Discord is a popular platform among gamers and has dedicated channels for Kahoot pin-related discussions, similar to YouTube.
  • Additionally, there is a Kahoot Discord bot designed to assist users in finding working Kahoot game PIN codes.

Keep in mind that Kahoot game PIN codes are temporary and are typically generated when someone hosts a Kahoot game. It’s important to be on the lookout for these codes during live sessions on YouTube or within Kahoot-related Discord channels if you want to participate in a game.

What is a random game PIN for Kahoot?

A random game PIN for Kahoot is a temporary code that uniquely identifies a specific game session within the Kahoot platform. These PINs are generated whenever someone starts playing a game, ensuring each game has a distinct identifier.

How many digits are in a Kahoot pin?

A Kahoot pin consists of six digits. These six digits are used as a code on the Kahoot.it website to access a specific quiz.

How do I enter a code on Kahoot?

Entering a code on Kahoot is a simple process:

  1. Visit Kahoot.it: To start, go to Kahoot.it using either the mobile app or a web browser.
  2. Enter the PIN: You will see a field where you can enter a Game PIN. Input the PIN provided by the host of the Kahoot game you want to join.
  3. Player Identification (if enabled): If the host has enabled a “player identifier,” you may need to provide a way to identify yourself as a player. Follow the instructions given by the host to do this, which could involve using your name or a unique identifier.

That’s it! Once you’ve entered the PIN and any necessary player identification, you’ll be able to participate in the Kahoot game.

What is Kahoot game pin?

A Kahoot Game PIN is a unique six-digit code that is automatically generated for each Kahoot game by the host. This code is used to allow others to join and participate in the game. To play, participants enter this PIN on their own devices, such as a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, Chromebook, or desktop computer.

Once you enter the correct PIN, you can answer questions on your devices while the questions are displayed on a shared screen. The Game PIN is exclusive to each game and ensures that only those with the correct code can join and play the specific Kahoot game created by the host.