How to install Elementum Kodi addon

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Elementum is a popular Kodi video addon that’s fast and reliable. It uses BitTorrent (a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol) to stream movies and TV shows. With Elementum, you can watch movies and TV shows online or download them to watch later offline in your free time.

Elementum was forked from the popular Quasar addon, which is no longer maintained. It has support for Linux, macOS, Windows, and Android.

It has different sections, including Movies, TV Shows, Search, Torrents, Add Torrent, Torrents history, Providers, Status, Changelog, and more.

It’s advisable to use a VPN with Elementum because it scrapes Torrent links.

Install Elementum on Kodi

1. You first need to download Elementum from the official website; it’s a ZIP file.

2. Launch Kodi.

3. Click the “Settings icon” and click “System settings.”

4. Hover over “Add-ons.”

5. Click “Unknown sources” if you’ve not done so already (this is because it’s from a third-party source)

6. Go back to the Kodi home page and click “Add-ons.”

7. Click the “Add-on browser icon” and then click “Install from zip file.”

8. Locate and click on the ZIP file you downloaded.

9. Click “Yes” to install Elementum Burst (used for searching torrents on many indexing sites)

10. Wait till you see the “Add-on installed” notification on your screen. It usually takes less than 2 minutes.

Download media files to local storage

Elementum can save media files to your device’s memory or local storage. Here’s how to download media files with Elementum:

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1. Go to the Kodi home page and hover over “Add-ons.”

2. Hover over “Elementum.”

3. Click the menu button and then click “Settings.”

4. Hover over “General.”

5. Change download storage type from “Use memory” to “Use files.”

6. The next step is to click “Download path.”

7. Select the path where you want the media file to be stored and click “OK.”

8. Click “OK” in the Settings menu.

How does Elementum work?

Elementum is a platform to find and stream torrents. For legal reasons, it doesn’t go directly to torrent websites. The steps below explain better what Elementum does whenever you choose a media file to watch:

1. Compute the installed providers.

2. Simultaneously call all the providers to find the media file you want to watch.

3. The providers return a list of BitTorrent links they found.

4. Elementum then Collects and deduplicates all the links.

5. Checks the BitTorrent network for the number of seeds and peers in real-time

6. Analyzes the quality of different links based on their names.

7. Links are ranked by quality and availability, with quality taking precedence.

8. The chosen link is sent to the BitTorrent streaming engine.

Elementum does all this within few seconds, depending on your platform and timeout settings.

That’s all; you are now ready to watch movies and TV shows with the Elementum add-on. Enjoy!

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