How to turn off autocorrect on Samsung

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Autocorrect might seem like a lifesaver when typing at times, correcting your typos in texts or emails. It can be handy on your Samsung phone, allowing you to type much faster.

Autocorrect can also work against you, predicting and suggesting the wrong choice of words – especially when typing more complex scientific or legal terms. If the autocorrect feature on your phone has become more of a liability than an asset, it might be a good idea to turn it off. Here’s how to disable it on a Samsung device.

Turn off autocorrect on Samsung

We will be using the Galaxy S10 model for our instruction, but this should apply to all Samsung smartphones. Also, note that Autocorrect is referred to as Auto replace on many Samsung phones.

1. Tap Apps on the home screen.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Tap General management.

4. Tap Language and input.

5. Note the current keyboard in the “Default Keyboard” section – it’s the one you’ll need to select when you turn off autocorrect.

6. In the “Keyboards” section, tap On-screen keyboard.

7. Tap the currently selected keyboard you noted in step 5.

8. Tap Smart typing. You will be presented with two choices (“Predictive text” and “Auto replace”), among many other handy options such as “Auto capitalize,” “Auto spacing,” and “Auto punctuate.” The two we need here are Predictive text, which tracks your most used words, and Auto replace, which corrects your typos.

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9. Toggle off the Predictive text to the left to turn it off. This will disable automatic corrections and suggestions.

10. Tap Auto replace and toggle it to the left to turn it off. This will disable automatic corrections but leaves suggested words above your keyboard screen, so you can manually choose them if needed.

The default autocorrect may be named differently if you have a third-party keyboard app installed, such as Grammarly, but it’s still easy to find by tapping the current keyboard in the On-screen keyboard page.

Turn off autocorrect Samsung FAQs

Answer to related questions people also ask:

How do I turn on autocorrect on my Samsung?

To turn on autocorrect on your Samsung device: Go to Settings > General management > Language and input > On-Screen Keyboard > Samsung Keyboard > turn Predictive text on.

Why has my predictive text disappeared Samsung?

The predictive text may disappear after an update. The best option is to reset/restore the app by going to the settings and clear all data. Simply go to Settings > General management > Language and input > On-screen keyboard > Samsung keyboard.

How do I get my spell check back on my Samsung?

Go to Settings > General management > scroll down and tap Language and Input > On-Screen Keyboard > tap Smart typing and toggle ON the option for Spell Checking.

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