How to turn off autocorrect on Mac

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Autocorrect is either an asset or a liability, depending on your writing style and experience.

The feature has a comprehensive internal dictionary that automatically predicts words as you type, correct grammar errors and typos, ensuring your text and messages are error-free.

But sometimes, autocorrect gets it wrong, unnecessarily replacing words you meant to type with something totally different.

Autocorrect default settings on a Mac is automatically enabled, but you can easily disable it for good in four simple steps.

Turn off autocorrect on Mac

  1. Select System Preferences from the Applications toolbar. Or press Command + Space on your keyboard to open “Spotlight Search” and type in “System Preferences” into the search bar.
  2. Click Keyboard.
  3. Click Text.
  4. Uncheck Correct spelling automatically. This will turn off all forms of autocorrect on your Mac.
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Turn off autocorrect on Mac FAQs

Answer to related questions people also ask:

How do I change autocorrect on Mac?

By default autocorrect is enabled on a Mac, to change and turn it off: Open System Preferences > Click Keyboard > Click the Text tab > Select or deselect “Correct spelling automatically.” You can also choose your preferred autocorrect language from the drop-down menu under Spelling.

How do I turn off spell check on my Macbook Pro / Macbook Air?

Select System Preferences from the Applications toolbar > Click Keyboard and select the Text tab > Uncheck the box next to “Correct spelling automatically.” This will turn off spell check and autocorrect on your Macbook Pro.

How do you fix misspelled words on a Macbook?

Go to your System Preferences, Click Auto-Correction at the top of the preferences window, and then check “Correct spelling automatically.”

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