How to split an Uber fare, or accept a split-fare invitation

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Uber introduced the fare splitting feature in 2013, allowing anyone to split an Uber fare with multiple people or accept an invitation.

If you have friends going in the same direction as you, it’s an excellent option to share the costs, with each rider contributing an equal portion of the total cost. Each one must have their own valid Uber payment method and must accept the fare split request in their Uber app during the ride before it ends. Here’s how to split the cost of an Uber ride with someone else:

Split Uber fare with multiple riders

1, First, ensure that each rider has an Uber account. Then, tap the Uber icon to open the app.

2. Request an Uber ride to your location.

3. Swipe up from the bottom of the app to display a list of menu options.

4. Look for “Riding with someone?” on the list of menu options and tap Split fare next to the right of it.

5. Enter the names or phone numbers of the riders you wish to split the fare with. Each rider you select will get a fare split notification request to accept the split. Once they accept, the cost will be equally divided among everyone.

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Note: If a rider chooses not to accept the request or doesn’t have a valid payment method, you’ll be charged for the whole amount of the fare (theirs inclusive). Also, Uber charges each fare-split rider a $0.25 fee. Your receipt will show the total cost for all riders.

Accept an invitation to split an Uber ride

If you’re not the one who requested the fare split but instead received an invitation from someone going in the same direction, accepting their request so you can equally split the fare is easy.

A pop-up will appear on your Uber screen, inviting you to accept or decline a fare split with the person who requested it. Simply hit Accept, and that’s it!

Can I split an Uber after the ride?

You can split your Uber fare with fellow riders who must accept splitting the fare before the trip ends. Each rider, including you, will equally contribute toward the total amount. If a rider doesn’t have a valid payment method or refuses to accept a split fare, you’ll be charged for the total fare.

2 thoughts on “How to split an Uber fare, or accept a split-fare invitation”

  1. Good Morning,

    How do I cancel a pending ride for Tuesday, October 12th, I can not find it on my history. I would like to re-schedule the time for an earlier pick up time.

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Benay,

      We do have a blog post that explained in details how to cancel your Uber ride here: How to cancel Uber ride. Below is a summary of what you need to do to cancel your scheduled ride.

      1. Tap the menu located at the upper-left of the Uber app screen.
      2. Tap Your Trips from the list of menu options.
      3. Tap Upcoming.
      4. Tap Cancel Ride, then confirm again by tapping CANCEL RIDE. If you scheduled multiple trips, scroll to locate the one you want to cancel.

      As far as you canceled before the driver accepts your ride, you won’t incur any charges.


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