Take screenshots in Windows 10

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There are several ways to take screenshots on a Windows computer, from pressing the “PrtScn” button on your keyboard to using Microsoft’s Snipping Tool. You can also screenshots on Windows 10 by opening the Game Bar using the Windows + G keyboard shortcut.

Windows 10 provides a variety of quick and easy ways to capture part of or the whole of your computer screen. We’ve rounded up all the methods and keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots on Windows 10.

The screenshot methods in this article will apply to most Windows 10 laptops and desktop computer brands — including Toshiba, Hewlett Packard (HP)/Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, ASUS, Acer, LG, and Microsoft.

PrtScn key

The easiest way to capture your computer screen is to tap the Print Screen, sometimes labeled “PrtScn.” It’s on the first row, top of the Functions keys.

Windows has several PrtScn modifiers that can change how it all works:

PrtScn: This method will not save your screenshot as a file, but it will copy the entire screen to the clipboard – you can then paste it elsewhere (such as an image editing tool like Microsoft Word or Paint) and save it as a file.

Alt + PrtScn: This will capture the currently active window and copy the screenshot to the clipboard, which you can paste elsewhere in another program (such as Microsoft Word or Paint) and save it as a file.

Windows key + PrtScn: This will capture the entire screen and automatically save the screenshot as an image file. The screen will momentarily dim to signal that you’ve taken a screenshot. It will be saved in the Pictures > Screenshots folder.

Windows key + Shift + S: Your screen will dim and your mouse cursor will change. Drag to select the part of the screen you want to capture. Your screenshot will be copied to the clipboard. Note that this method only works on the latest version of Windows, called Windows 10 Creators Update.

Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is a much more flexible screenshot feature in Windows 10, which you can use to capture your screen and save it as an image file. If you can’t find the Snipping Tool from the list of apps on the start menu, you can easily access it through the search bar.

  1. Start the Snipping Tool from the Start menu. If it’s not on the start menu, click and type snipping tool in the search bar at the bottom left of your screen and click on the Snipping Tool from the search result to open it.
  2. In the Mode drop-down, choose the kind of screenshot you want – the default shape is a rectangular snip, but you can also choose from a full-screen snip, Window snip, or free-form snip.
  3. Click New, and your screen will freeze. You can then create the screenshot using your mouse. The screenshot will then appear in the Snipping Tool window. The Snipping Tool will not automatically save your screenshot – you will need to save it manually in the Snipping Tool window.
  4. To save the screenshot to your computer, click File > Save As.
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Game Bar

You can use the Game Bar to take screenshots and record videos when playing games.

  1. Start a game from the Start menu.
  2. While playing the game, hit the Windows key + G to call up The Game Bar.
  3. Click the camera icon to snap a screenshot, or you use the keyboard shortcut: Windows key + Alt + PrtScn. You can find the screenshot automatically saved in a subfolder called Captures under the Videos folder.

For Steam players, you can hit F11 to take a screenshot. You’ll find it saved in your screenshots folder on Steam.

Screenshot on Windows FAQs

Answer to related questions people also ask:

How do you take a screenshot on Windows 7, 8,10?

Alt + Print Screen

Use the Keyboard shortcut Alt + PrtScn to take a screenshot of your active window. This shortcut will capture your currently active window and copy it to your clipboard. You can then paste the screenshot to an image editor and save it as a file.

What is the PrtScn button?

PrtScn also known as the Print Screen key, is a keyboard button that can be found on most computer keyboards and is sometimes abbreviated as PRTSC, Prt Scrn, PrtScrn, Prscr, PrntScrn, or Ps/SR. When the PrtScn is pressed, it screenshot and sends the currently active screen image window to the clipboard or printer depending on the operating system configuration of the computer.

What is a snipping Tool on a computer?

The Snipping Tool is a screen capture utility feature from Microsoft included in Windows Vista and later. It allows you to take screenshots of your computer window. You can find the Snipping Tool among the list of apps on the start menu or simply type it into the Windows search bar and find it.

How do I take a screenshot in Windows 10 without print screen?

To take a screenshot on Windows 10 easily and fast without Print Screen (PrtScn), press Windows + Shift + S or use the Snipping Tool.

What is the key for Snipping Tool?

There is no keyboard shortcut to open the Snipping Tool. To use the Snipping Tool, press the Start key, type Snipping tool, and press Enter. To select which particular snip you want, press Alt + M keys and use the arrow keys to choose Rectangular, Free-form, Window, or Full-screen Snip, and press Enter to confirm your selection.

What is the Snipping Tool on Windows 10?

The Snipping Tool is a screen capture feature introduced in Windows 7, 8, and 10. With it, you can take a whole or part of a screenshot and save that image on your Windows computer.

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