Make Chrome the default browser on Android

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Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers because it loads and displays web pages fast. It’s also the most downloaded browser used by millions around the world. Apart from loading web pages quickly, Chrome comes with a sleek and basic design, making it very easy to use.

On most Android devices, Google Chrome is already set as the default browser, but sometimes the custom ROMs (read-only memory) can override the default browser settings; hence, you’ll be presented with a series of browser options every time you want to open a link.

Google Chrome and Android phones work well together. With Android, you get plenty of flexibility to customize your device, and that includes choosing which default browser to use.

To set Chrome as your default browser, follow the steps below:

How to make Google Chrome your default browser

  1. Open Settings on your Android.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Tap the “three menu-dot icon” at the top-right of your screen to open the drop-down menu.
  4. In the drop-down menu, tap Default Apps.
  5. Tap the Browser app.
  6. You’ll see browser options on the “Browser app page,” Tap Chrome to set it as the default web browser.

Make Chrome default browser on Android FAQs

Answer to related questions people also ask:

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How do I change my default browser on Android?

To change the default browser on your Android phone or tablet: Open Settings > Tap Apps > Tap the “three menu-dot icon” at the top-right of your screen and tap “Default apps” in the drop-down menu > Tap “Browser app” > On the Browser app page, choose your preferred option as your default web browser.

How do I change my browser on my Samsung? / How do I change my default browser on Samsung?

Launch Settings > Tap Apps > Tap Default Apps > Tap Browser app, select the radio button next to your preferred browser, and set it as your default browser.

Does Samsung use Chrome?

Google Chrome is the default web browser on most Android devices, including Samsung. But there are other browser options you can also choose from.

Do I need both Chrome and Google?

You don’t necessarily need both Chrome and Google; you can search Google using the Chrome browser. You only need a web browser to open websites, whether Chrome or other options – Chrome just happens to be the default browser on most Android devices.

Which browser is better Chrome or Samsung?

Samsung Internet browser has more customizable options than Chrome and a better homepage. The major difference between both is customization. With Samsung Internet, you can place shortcuts to your favorite websites on the homepage.

What happens if I disable Chrome on my Android?

If you disable Chrome on your Android device, it’s the same as uninstalling it because it will no longer be available on the app drawer but will still be available in your phone storage.

What happens if I uninstall Google Chrome?

If you sync your Chrome data, your data will still be available on Google’s server and accessible on another device. If you delete your profile information when you uninstall Chrome, your data will not be available anymore.

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