How to give Robux to people (2024)

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If you’re unsure whether you can give Robux to others or unsure of how to do so, you’ve come to the right place. In Roblox, it is possible to give Robux to other players, although it cannot be done directly.

There are various methods available to achieve this goal, and this post aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to give Robux to people.

Donate Robux to your friend

If you’re a regular Roblox player, you must have accumulated some fortune of Robux, which you can gift to friends not as rich as you are.

There’s actually no way to just give people some of your Robux, but there is the “donation method,” which is generally used by Roblox members.

Players in need of donations often create items such as T-shirts — to sell to other Roblox players, and then receive Robux in return. Follow the steps below if you wish to give some of your Robux to friends on Roblox:

Step 1

Make sure the player you intend to donate Robux to has a donation item available for exchange. Only players with a paid Builder’s Club account can create and sell a clothing item on Roblox, but you don’t need a Builders Club membership to buy items and donate Robux to other players.

Also, to make your donation easy and quick, take note of the item’s name you want to purchase; searching for the item’s name is the fastest way to find it.

Step 2

Open the Roblox website and enter your username and password details. Next, click Login to access your Roblox account.

Step 3

Click the Catalog tab in the blue bar at the top of the site.

Step 4

Enter the name of your friend’s donation item in the search bar and click Search. The name of an item can only be determined by the creator.

Step 5

Click on the item in the search results to view more details about it.

Step 6

Click the Buy with R$ button in the upper right corner of the item to purchase the item.

Game passes and developer products

If you are a game developer on Roblox, you can create game passes or developer products that players can purchase with Robux. By designing appealing and valuable in-game items, you can encourage players to spend Robux on your creations. This way, players indirectly receive Robux through the purchases they make in your game.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Create” located in the top bar of your Roblox Studio interface.
  2. The player who wants to create a game needs to start by designing and building their game. If they already have a game, they can skip this step.
  3. Once the game is ready, click on the gear icon next to the game’s name and select “Create Game Pass.”

Now, let’s configure the game pass:

  1. Fill in the required details in the provided fields and click “Preview” followed by “Verify Upload” to ensure everything looks as intended.
  2. Scroll down to the newly created game pass and click on the gear icon next to it, then select “Configure.”
  3. In the configuration menu, click on “Sales.”

Setting up the game pass for sale:

  1. Enable the “Item for Sale” option to make the game pass available for purchase.
  2. Set the price for the game pass according to your desired Robux value.
  3. Once the price is set, click “Save” to finalize the settings.
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Congratulations! Your game pass is now available for sale. Here’s what you need to do next:

  1. Share the link to the game pass with your audience or potential buyers.
  2. Encourage them to purchase the game pass, as it will grant them access to special features or items in your game, along with a specific amount of Robux.

It’s important to note a few things:

  • Keep in mind that there might be a delay of approximately three days for pending sales before the Robux from the purchases appears in your account.
  • Additionally, remember that Roblox charges a 30% tax on the Robux earned from selling game passes.

By leveraging game passes, you can provide an opportunity for players to support your game while also gaining access to exclusive content, creating a win-win situation for both you as a developer and your players.

Group payouts

To facilitate the process of giving people Robux on mobile, the recommended method is to create a group on Roblox. If you already have a Roblox group and have the ability to generate funds, you can invite your friends to join the group and directly transfer the funds to them. To begin, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the menu button in the Roblox app and select “Groups.”
  2. Within the Groups section, click on “Create Group.” Fill in the required information and pay a fee of 100 Robux to create the group.
  3. Encourage your friends to join the group and remain active members for a period of time.
  4. Create a game pass or other items that can be sold within the group.
  5. When other players purchase the game pass or any other items, the Robux from those transactions will be deposited into the group funds.
  6. To configure the group settings, click the three dots button located on the right side of the group page and select “Configure Group.”
  7. In the configuration menu, navigate to “Revenue,” then select “Payouts,” followed by “One-time Payouts,” and finally, click on “Add Payout Recipients.”
  8. Enter the name of the recipient you wish to give Robux to, specify the amount of Robux you want to distribute and click “Distribute.”

Please note that you cannot distribute more Robux than what is available in the group’s remaining funds. By following these steps, you will successfully give out Robux to users from your Roblox group.

The bottom line

In conclusion, this article has covered various methods on how to give Robux to others. It is important to note that these methods can be quite intricate, and Roblox, as the platform provider, often benefits from these processes. However, there are simpler alternatives available.

One such option is to send Roblox gift cards to your friends, allowing them to redeem the cards for Robux at their convenience. Additionally, logging into your friends’ accounts and purchasing Robux directly on their behalf is another straightforward way to give them virtual currency. Lastly, it’s worth considering the opportunity to save some money when purchasing Roblox gift cards. You can achieve this by acquiring coupons before shopping for gift cards on popular platforms like Amazon, Walmart, or GameStop. This way, you can enjoy the satisfaction of giving Robux while also maximizing your savings.

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