Myspace profile search: 4 ways to find your old profile

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Myspace was once the most popular social media platform before its reign was eventually eclipsed by the rapid rise of Facebook, which introduced a new era of social networking and connectivity. As the virtual landscape shifted, Myspace underwent a transformative journey from being the go-to platform for self-expression, music sharing, and connecting with friends to relinquishing its position to the more streamlined and versatile Facebook.

Although Myspace is no longer as popular as it once was, the platform is still alive and running. If you wish to access your old Myspace account or you just want to find your old photos, there are plenty of ways to do so.

Myspace has a search mechanism that allows users to find their profiles even without logging in. Specifically, Myspace allows users to search by email address, name, or username. That means if your old account’s privacy settings were set to ‘public’, you or anyone can access and view their photos, posts, and other shared materials directly by simply typing your name, username, or email into the search bar without login. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Myspace website by typing “” in your browser.
  2. Once you’re on the Myspace homepage, locate the search bar.
  3. Enter your name, username, or email address into the search bar and hit Enter.
  4. The search results should display your old Myspace profile.

By following these simple steps, you should be able to access your old Myspace account and find your nostalgic photos. If you are unsuccessful in using the method above, we’ll show you in this article five more ways to find your old Myspace.

This feature has both positive and negative implications. On the positive side, it allows users to revisit their old memories, photos, and interactions on the platform without the need to recall their login credentials. It can be a nostalgic trip down memory lane, rekindling connections and providing a glimpse into one’s digital history.

However, on the negative side, this level of accessibility can potentially compromise users’ privacy as your personal information and memories can be exposed to a wider audience than you intended just by typing your name, username, or email into the search bar without login. This underscores the importance of understanding privacy settings when engaging on social media platforms and being aware of the potential long-term implications of the content shared.

How to find your old Myspace profile without an email

To reset your password for your Myspace account, you need to know the email address associated with it. If you’re unsure about the email address you used, you can try using people search services to find all your email accounts. These services can help you locate the email address you used for your Myspace account. Here are some steps you can follow:

1. Search for your email accounts with BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a renowned people search service that offers a comprehensive database of public records. This service allows you to access an extensive array of information about any individual using just their name, address, phone number, or email address. By leveraging the power of BeenVerified, you can uncover a wealth of data, including social networks, familial connections, photographs, and many other relevant details.

Step 1: Go to BeenVerified’s people search page

To initiate the process of finding your Myspace email account using BeenVerified, start by visiting the official BeenVerified website. Once on the homepage, navigate to the “People Search” section, which is designed to assist you in locating individuals based on the information you have available.

Step 2: Enter your details

On the People Search page, you’ll find a search bar where you can enter specific details to begin your search. To proceed, input your first and last name, along with the city and state where you reside. This information will serve as the foundation for locating potential matches in the BeenVerified database.

Step 3: Initiating the search

After inputting your information, click the “SEARCH” button to prompt BeenVerified’s system to commence the search process. The system will instantly begin sifting through its extensive database to identify individuals who match the details you provided.

Step 4: Viewing potential matches

In just a matter of moments, you will be presented with a list of potential matches that align with the information you entered. This list may consist of individuals who share your name and location, among other criteria.

Step 5: Locating your entry

Once you locate yourself, click on the option labeled “View person report.” This step is pivotal as it grants you access to a detailed report that compiles a variety of information about yourself, including email accounts.

Step 6: Exploring the detailed report

Within the comprehensive report that appears on your screen, you’ll encounter a wealth of information that has been compiled from various sources. This information might encompass not only your email accounts but also your phone numbers, social media profiles, and other pertinent details. This comprehensive overview provides insights into your digital presence and connections.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can effectively use BeenVerified’s people search service to locate and access information about your email accounts and other associated details.

2. Use Spokeo to find all your email accounts

Spokeo is a widely used people search engine in the United States. It offers access to a variety of personal information, such as social media profiles, court records, criminal records, names, addresses, phone numbers, and even email addresses.

Step 1: Access Spokeo

To get started, open a web browser and navigate to the Spokeo website.

Step 2: Enter your name

Once on the Spokeo homepage, you’ll notice a search bar. Here, type in your first and last name, the information that Spokeo will use to perform the search. After entering your name, click on the “SEARCH NOW” button.

Step 3: Initiate the search

Upon clicking “SEARCH NOW,” Spokeo will begin searching its extensive database for any potential matches related to the name you entered. This process may take a few seconds as Spokeo scans its records.

Step 4: Review potential matches

Once Spokeo completes the search, it will present you with a list of potential matches associated with the name you provided. This list might include various individuals with similar names, locations, or other identifying details.

Step 5: Identify yourself

Carefully review the list of potential matches to locate your own entry. This could involve cross-referencing other details, such as your location or other personal information, to ensure you’re identifying the correct profile.

Step 6: View your profile

When you find your own entry among the potential matches, click on the option to “SEE RESULTS” or a similar link. This will take you to a more detailed view of the information Spokeo has compiled about you.

Step 7: Explore the search report

On the search report page, you’ll likely find a comprehensive overview of your online presence. This might include information like your associated email accounts, social media profiles, and potentially other details like addresses and phone numbers.

Step 8: Reveal email accounts

Within the search report, specifically look for the section that highlights email accounts. Here, Spokeo may list the email addresses it has associated with your name. This information might include email addresses you’ve used in various online contexts.

Step 9: Reviewing social media profiles and more

Apart from email accounts, the search report might also include information about your social media profiles and additional personal details. Take the time to thoroughly review this information to ensure its accuracy and completeness.

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3. PeopleLooker to find your old email addresses

Step 1: Access PeopleLooker

Open your web browser and go to the PeopleLooker website. Once the website loads, navigate to the “People Search” section. This is usually prominently displayed on the homepage, or you might find it in the website’s main menu.

Step 2: Initiate the Search

On the PeopleLooker’s people search page, you’ll see a search bar. This is where you’ll input the information to begin your search.

Begin by entering your name in the designated field. Make sure to input your full name or at least the name variations you might have used in the past. Moving on, provide your city and state information. This will help narrow down the search results to individuals with the same or similar names who reside in the specified location.

Step 3: Executing the Search

After entering the necessary information, click on the “Search” button. This action will prompt PeopleLooker to start searching its extensive database for matches related to the details you’ve provided.

Step 4: Wait for results

At this point, you’ll need to wait for PeopleLooker to complete its search. The duration of the search might vary depending on the database’s size and the complexity of the query. While waiting, the website might display a progress indicator or a message informing you that the search is in progress.

Step 5: Access the Report

Once the search is finished, PeopleLooker will present you with a list of potential matches or records that match the information you provided. Among the search results, locate the record that seems to match your identity and information the closest.

Step 6: Retrieve your email accounts

Click on the matching record to access the detailed report. Inside the report, you should find a section that lists various personal details, which may include email addresses associated with the individual. Look for an “Email Accounts” or a similar label within the report. This is the section where your email addresses will be displayed.

Step 7: Review your email addresses

Carefully review the email addresses listed in the report. These could be email addresses you’ve used in the past or are currently associated with your identity. Make note of the email addresses listed, as this information might be useful for your purposes.

Reset MySpace login information

After you’ve regained access to your email account, the next step is to reset your MySpace login information to get a new password:

Forgot Password Option:
On the MySpace login page, look for and click on the “Forgot Password?” option. This is usually located near the login fields.

Provide Account Information:
You’ll be directed to a password recovery page. Here, you’ll need to enter either the email address associated with your MySpace account or your MySpace username.

Verification Process:
To ensure you’re a legitimate user and not a bot, you might encounter a verification process. This could involve ticking a box to confirm your verification and selecting specific images from a puzzle. This step is to prevent automated attempts to gain unauthorized access to accounts.

Submit and Password Reset Email:
Once you’ve completed the verification, click the “Submit” button. MySpace will then send a password reset email to the email address associated with your account.

Check Your Email:
Open your email inbox and look for the password reset email from MySpace. It should contain a link that you need to click on to proceed with the password reset process.

Choose a New Password:
Clicking the link will take you back to the MySpace website. Here, you’ll be prompted to choose a new password. It’s recommended to create a strong password that includes a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. This will enhance the security of your account.

Confirm New Password:
After entering your new password, you’ll need to enter it again for confirmation.

Reset Password and Continue:
Once you’ve confirmed the new password, click the “Reset Password” button. This will finalize the process. You may also need to click a “Continue” button to proceed to your account.

Access Restored:
Congratulations! You’ve successfully reset your MySpace login information. You should now be able to log in using your new password.

Password Management:
To prevent future password issues, consider using a password manager like 1Password, Dashlane, or the built-in password manager in your web browser. These tools can help you securely store and manage your passwords, making it easier to access your accounts while maintaining strong security.

By following these steps, you can effectively reset your MySpace login information and regain access to your account.

Bottom line

If you’re looking to rediscover your old Myspace profile but don’t have access to the associated email address, you’re not alone. Over time, it’s easy to forget the details tied to an account you haven’t used in years. Fortunately, the methods outlined in this article should help you find your old Myspace profile. In addition to the above methods, below are more steps you can take to recover your profile even without the original email.

  1. Username Recall: Start by trying to remember your Myspace username. This is the unique identifier that could be associated with your profile. If you remember your username, it will be an essential piece of information to help locate your account.
  2. People Search Services: As mentioned in your provided information, people search services can be a valuable tool. These services gather information from various public sources, databases, and social media platforms to create a comprehensive profile of individuals. With just your name, you might uncover a wealth of information including email addresses, current and past addresses, and even social media profiles.
  3. Online Search Engines: Use online search engines like Google and Bing. Enter your full name (or the name you used on Myspace) in quotation marks to narrow down the results. This might help you find any references to your old Myspace account on websites, blogs, or forums.
  4. Myspace Username Search: Attempt to find your Myspace username using search engines or specialized tools. If your username is unique enough, it might lead you to your old profile. Keep in mind that Myspace has undergone changes over the years, so results may vary.
  5. Reach Out to Contacts: If you had friends on your old Myspace account, consider reaching out to them via other social media platforms. They might have a record of your old username, or even still have access to your profile if they were in your connections.
  6. Old Devices or Documents: Check any old devices, emails, or documents that might have your Myspace login information saved. Sometimes, people have recorded their login details in unexpected places.
  7. Myspace Help Center: Visit the Myspace Help Center or contact Myspace support. They might have specific guidance on recovering old accounts without access to the original email.
  8. Try Common Emails: If you have a few email addresses in mind that you might have used, try them one by one. You might get lucky and find the right one.
  9. Personal Contacts: If you have any friends or family members who might have known your Myspace email, ask them if they remember it.
  10. Recreate the Account: If all else fails, you might consider recreating your Myspace account with a new email address. While this won’t recover your old profile, it will give you a fresh start if you’re interested in using Myspace again.

Remember that the effectiveness of these methods can vary depending on the uniqueness of your username and the information associated with your name on the internet. Always ensure you are using legitimate and trustworthy sources when searching for personal information online.

I hope this information helps you regain access to your Myspace account. Enjoy reconnecting with your past memories!