How to find MAC address on a Mac computer (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air)

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  • You can find the MAC address on your Mac computer by going through the System Preferences.
  • To view the MAC address, navigate to the advanced section of your Wi-Fi network.

Using a Windows computer instead? Here’s how to find MAC address on Windows 10.

What is a MAC address?

MAC is an acronym that stands for Media Access Control — a twelve-digit alphanumeric code unique to every network-compatible device, whether it’s an Android, Windows, or a MacBook. It’s mostly used to monitor network connectivity and access control.

MAC addresses can also be handy for troubleshooting network issues or installing new hardware such as a router. Here’s how to locate your MAC address on a Mac:

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Find MAC address on a Mac computer

1. Click the Apple icon in the top left.

2. Select System Preferences.

3. Select Network.

4. From the left menu, select the Wi-Fi network to which you are currently connected.

5. Click Advanced in the bottom right.

6. Click the Hardware tab. That’s your MAC Address right there listed at the top of the window!

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