How to make a conference call on iPhone

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You might not know this, but you can make a conference with your iPhone by simply using a conference call feature in the iPhone Phone app. However, the number of participants at any given time is limited to five (including yourself).

The process of starting a conference call on your iPhone is easy and straightforward. You start by making a call, then put the caller on hold. Tap add call to make another call and then merge both calls. Repeat the process to add other participants.

Make a conference call on an iPhone

  1. Start the “Phone app” and call your first participant in the normal way.
  2. Tell your first call recipient that they’ll be briefly placed on hold while you call in the next person.
  3. Tap add call.
  4. Call the next participant, either through your list of contacts or tap any of the icons at the bottom of your screen such as “Favorites,” “Recent,” “Contacts,” or “Keypad” – to make the call.
  5. Tap merge calls to combine participants into a single conversation.
  6. To add more people to the call, just repeat the process. Tap “add call” > put the call on hold > make another call > merge both calls. You can do this for a total of five participants, including yourself.

The process is generally the same on all major cellular carriers but might slightly vary. For example, after placing the first caller on hold, and you don’t see an “add call” button, simply call the next participant using your keypad and tap “merge calls” to combine them.

Tips to manage a conference call on an iPhone

During a conference call, you can drop a call or speak privately with a specific participant. To do that, tap the blue colored ‘i’ located at top-right next to the caller’s name. You’ll be shown a list of participants on the conference call with two buttons that reads “End” and “Private.” Click on End if you want to hang up the caller or Private to speak with the caller privately.

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You can also add a new caller to an ongoing conference call by tapping Hold & Accept and then tap merge calls.

Conference call on iPhone FAQs

Answer to related questions people also ask:

Why can’t I do a conference call on my iPhone?

You may not be able to do conference calls on your iPhone if you use Voice over LTE (VoLTE). To turn off VoLTE: Go to Settings > Mobile / Cellular > Mobile / Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE – turn Off or Data Only.

How many calls can iPhone merge?

The iPhone allows you to merge up to five calls at a time including yourself and set up a conference call.

Can you do a 4-way call on iPhone? / Can you do 3-way calling on iPhone?

To merge multiple calls at once, dial the first call. After answering, the first recipient’s name appears at the top of the Call screen. Next, tap “Add Call” to briefly put your first call on hold while you make the next (second) call. You’ll see “Hold” show up next to the first call’s name on your screen, reminding you that someone’s waiting. Repeat the same process to make a 3, 4, or 5-way call – the maximum is five. Once reached, tap “Merge Call” to combine all your calls and begin your four-way conversation.

Is conference call free on iPhone?

Making conference calls on iPhone is free at no cost.

How do you tell if you are on a 3-way call iPhone?

Except you were previously aware of a three-way call, there’s no way of finding out on iPhone (and other smartphones) that you are the third person in the conference call – until the two other recipients on the call start talking.

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