Change payment method on Uber during or after a trip

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Updating your Uber payment information is vital for the seamless use of the service. There are plenty of reasons you may want to update your preferred rideshare payment method. Maybe you want to take advantage of a new credit card that earns you cashback, or you’ve decided to have a different payment option whenever you request a ride.

Whatever the reason, adding a new payment method on the Uber app is an easy process that takes only a few taps to complete. You can update and add different payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, or cash. Your payment options will also depend largely on your country and city.

If you want to add a credit or debit card, you can employ the easier and faster scanning method. It involves using your phone’s camera to capture the card details instead of adding it manually.

Here’s how to update and add a new payment method on Uber.

Change your payment method on Uber

1. Open the Uber app and tap the “three stacked lines” in the top left.

2. Select Wallet or Payment from the list of options.

3. Tap Add Payment Method.

4. Select your preferred payment method.

5. Enter your information as instructed, such as the card number, expiration date, CVV number, and billing code. You also have the option to use the scanning method instead of manually inputting your card details. First, you’ll need to give Uber permission to access your phone’s camera, then tap the camera icon located in the right column that reads Card Number. Then follow the on-screen instructions to scan your card’s info.

6. Tap SAVE.

You can delete your payment method on Uber as well, but to do that, you’ll need to have at least one payment method at any time in your account – your Uber account cannot be left empty without any payment method. So to delete your only payment option, you’ll need to add a new one.

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To delete a payment method > Tap the “three stacked lines” in the top left > Wallet > Choose the payment method you want to delete > Tap the “three-dot icon” in the top-right > DELETE and confirm.

Change payment method on Uber (FAQs)

Answer to related questions people also ask:

How do you change your credit card on Uber?

  • Login to your Uber account and select “Payment” or “Wallet.”
  • Tap the “Add payment” option.
  • Now, update your credit card by entering the new card info.
  • Tap “Save” after you complete your changes.

Can you change Uber payment during the ride?

If you wish to change your payment method while on Uber, all you need to do is tap the white panel at the bottom of the Uber app screen, then tap “Switch” beside price and payment method, and then select the payment method you prefer.

Why won’t Uber Let me add a payment method?

You may not be able to use your credit or debit card on Uber if you incorrectly entered your CVV number or billing zip code. Try to re-enter your card info again and make sure they are correctly entered. Also, note that some cards are not compatible with Uber’s billing process. If you cannot add your prepaid card, you may need to add another card or use a different payment method.

Can you use Uber without a credit card? / What forms of payment does Uber accept?

Uber accepts other payment methods apart from a credit card. You can pay for Uber using PayPal, debit card, and other forms of digital wallets. You can also use cash for Uber if it’s accepted in your location.

Why can’t I delete payment method on Uber?

To delete a payment method on Uber, your account must have at least one other payment method. If you have only one payment method and you wish to delete it, you’ll need to add a new payment method.

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