180+ Funny Genshin Impact Signatures

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In Genshin Impact, you have the option to create a personalized signature for your profile. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the edit icon located on your profile.
  2. Select “Edit Signature.”

Once you’ve set a signature, here’s what happens:

  • Other players can see your signature in co-op lists.
  • Your friends can view it on your profile.

Crafting a funny Genshin Impact signature can be challenging, but it’s worth it. A good signature is usually brief, unique, and sometimes humorous. By having a funny signature, you can make yourself stand out among other users.

This article provides more than 170 Genshin Impact signature ideas, including good, best, and funny ones that you can easily copy and paste. Additionally, it covers the rules and limitations for creating signatures in the game.

Genshin Impact signature rules

Let’s break down the rules for Genshin Impact signatures:

  1. No Promoting Group Joins or Gift Promises: You should not encourage or ask other users to join groups, add friends, or promise to give away in-game items like props or rough stones.
  2. No Cheap Recharge Offers: It is not allowed to advertise low-cost proxy recharges, discounted recharges, or free in-game items.
  3. No Suspicious Links: Do not share unfamiliar or potentially scammy links that claim to sell in-game items or props.
  4. No Illegal Advertisements: You cannot advertise illegal services like power leveling or plugins that can manipulate the game.

These rules are in place to ensure a fair and safe gaming environment for all Genshin Impact players.

Genshin Impact signature limit

In Genshin Impact, you can change your signature as many times as you want, and there’s no specific limit for it.

But it’s important to follow the signature rules, which means you must not include any fraudulent links. If you include a fraudulent link in your signature, the game’s administrators have the authority to ban your account to maintain fair and safe gameplay.

Funny Genshin Impact signatures

  • What is this place?
  • Have you seen my twin?
  • Paimon without the mo.
  • POV: You can’t reach AR 35.
  • Paimon culinary society.
  • I just wanna eat Paimon.
  • One mora?
  • All I can think about is Master Diluc – Donna
  • Don’t sleep, play at least 30 hours a day!
  • Dps Barbara for fun.
  • Eat, sleep, play, game.
  • Happy unbirthday!
  • Eating some snow in Dragonspine with Xiao.
  • Amber buff when?
  • I want cocogoat milk.
  • Breathing is fun.
  • I swim everywhere.
  • I’m in love with my sister, Lumine.
  • Has anyone seen Qiqi?
  • Beidou step on me please.
  • Send Keqing to me.
  • Sending my selfie to NASA, because I’m a star.
  • I have dainslief.
  • I will have burger.
  • Thicc thighs save lives.
  • I love Sasuke more than Naruto.
  • Vengeance will be mine.
  • Ayaka when miHoYo?
  • I like Mona’s ass.
  • Yeah, more thicc characters please.
  • Learning tango with Eula.
  • Naming myself Mora so Zhongli will need me.
  • Naming myself Tsaritsa so Childe must obey me.
  • I am Japan, nice to meet you.
  • Do you sell the moon here?
  • Childe is the key to the window of opportunity.
  • Naming myself Venti so La Signora can kick me.
  • Paimon = Food = Yum Yum.
  • Naming myself “Leaf” so Kazuha can play me.
  • Barbara, the living statue of the seven.
  • Why not co-op in bed?
  • My parents lost the 50/50 when they got me.
  • Birch wood is just cow tree.
  • I cannot have luck.
  • I’m the final boss and you know it.
  • Hostile when sleepless.
  • Fun fact: You cannot put your name with “GM”.
  • A hot Zhongli main because I can be and I want.
  • Rosaria mommy milkers.
  • Hard pity Zhongli moment.
  • Ayuka and Kazuha, make me strong.
  • Whaling pain related issues.
  • Your personality type is miskin primo.
  • I hate Hu Tao users.
  • Constantly drowining.
  • I didn’t get my order.
  • How are you? I’m dying.
  • I’m so done with this game.
  • Why am I playing Genshin? I have a project.
  • People die when they are killed.
  • Coco Yaksha.
  • More floor 12 pain.
  • This is my box. I am living in this box.
  • Currently suffering in crimson domain.
  • Saving for nothing.
  • Life is pew and you know it.
  • Reality is an illusion, buy gold.
  • I’m a childe that kills childes.
  • It’s the final brain cell.
  • Hello, I am under the water.
  • Give up on your dreams and die.
  • Hey shawty, *checks pulse*.
  • Break backs, not contacts.
  • The person below me is dumb.
  • What the duck?
  • I play games.
  • I’m a bird.
  • Hmm? Bread?
  • Kazuha bark bark arf arf woof woof.
  • Touch some grass please.
  • *Touch grass*
  • I have 47 missing assignments, thank you.
  • I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention.
  • Childe mains be acting sus.
  • Albedo mains, please come and destroy me.
  • Me and my 6 primogems vibing right now.
  • Need Staff of Homiee.
  • All I ask for is a sip of wine!
  • Close to losing my sanity.
  • Song of Broken Wallets.
  • I eat Paimon with cheese.
  • Eat your kidneys.
  • 3 skyward blades, it isn’t funny.
  • Evil bonkering.
  • Life is not kimochii.
  • Come to my pot, I have candy.
  • In terms of mental stability, we have none.
  • I hope y’all lose to 50/50 on Kazuha’s.
  • Eula came home, but at what cost?
  • Hu Tao support pog.
  • Drinking wine because you’ll never be mine.
  • Lemme drown.
  • When I close my eyes, I can’t see.
  • I’m Bennett in real life.
  • Why are we still here?
  • We broke like Morax, so sad.
  • 50 roll banner Eula = Mona.
  • Smashing my head on floor 11.
  • I am talking by using English translations.
  • I’m sorry Mr. Albedo, I ate your experiments.
  • Chicken parmesan isn’t vegan?
  • Cement, that’s concrete baby.
  • Fly Venti, Fly.
  • It takes two to tango.
  • Flat is justice.
  • Mushroom soup for the soul!
  • Walk with me in hell.
  • Meta is temporary, Style is eternal.
  • Witness the power of Guoba.
  • I’m not even from Asia.
  • Add extra apple sauce.
  • Noelle is murder for me.
  • I’m the colonel now.
  • Imagine using Dliuc, cringe.
  • Oh no, Eula and Mona eats all my mora.
  • Go Klee go broom broom.
  • Scaramouche join my emo anemo band.
  • I’m not scared of Hu Tao, I’m not scared.
  • Get slapped by legal.
  • I can’t English.
  • Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong.
  • Half Whale. Half Human.
  • Childe mains scare me.
  • Why am I alive again?
  • I don’t know the purpose why we exist.
  • I see you need a coffin as well.
  • Selling my kidney for primogems.
  • I am fine.
  • Luck? What’s that? Can I eat it?
  • I eat people alive.
  • This world shall know true swag.
  • Go back! I wanna be monke!
  • In Eula’s thigh we trust.
  • Imagine not having Venti.
  • Naming myself ship so Beidou can ride.
  • I used to talk to a stove.
  • Sandwich-kun ran off with Fridge-chan.
  • I’m a banana.
  • Can’t defeat airman.
  • Zhonglick deez nuts.
  • I want kazuha but no but yes.
  • Every day is April Fools if you’re a joke.
  • Head empty, just potatoes.
  • Lord Barsibato, guide me!
  • I’m not a Diluc main.
  • Broke as Mona.
  • No Mora gang.
  • Just smile and wave bois.
  • Is too busy trying to cook Paimon.
  • Medium rare Paimon.
  • Don’t eat Paimon.
  • I need chromosones.
  • Pineapples are in my head.
  • My Zhongli is still Childe-less.
  • If Childe bad, why hot?
  • Zhongli, shut up for 5 minutes.
  • When yo, you when, when, when you.
  • Jean skin is testing my f2p status.
  • I’m afraid of big robots.
  • Is a bodybag a cleaning instrument?
  • Life is not so yahoo.
  • Genshin the pain away.
  • International Barista Lawyer.
  • I think I’m lost.
  • *Aggressive farming*
  • Never gonna give you up.
  • Caffeine dependant life form.
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The bottom line

In Genshin Impact, some users misuse the signature feature by inserting fake links into their signatures. To prevent issues, it’s advisable not to include any links in your signature.

We’ve compiled a list of amusing Genshin Impact signatures in this article, but they’re not ranked in any specific order. If you discover a funny signature you like, you can adopt it as your own. If none catches your interest, you can use the list as inspiration to create your unique signature by combining different ideas from it.