How to find your Roblox user ID in minutes (2024 guide)

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A Roblox user ID is a specific code that’s assigned to each account within the game. It’s like a digital fingerprint that distinguishes one player from another. For instance, a user ID could look like “8472109149”. While you have the flexibility to modify your display name by going to settings and selecting the “Edit” option next to “Display Name”, the user ID is fixed and cannot be altered. This ID number remains constant and is exclusive to your account.

If you’re using “GlobalDataStores” to store or retrieve player information, the user ID becomes crucial. It can be used as a unique identifier, serving as a key to access a player’s data within the data store. This ensures that each player’s information remains separate.

In this article, you’ll learn how to find your user ID in Roblox on your phone/mobile and desktop.

How to get your user ID in Roblox

To find your user ID in Roblox, follow these steps:

  1. Log in: Go to the Roblox website and log in to your account.
  2. Access Your Profile: Once logged in, navigate to your profile.
  3. Copy URL: Look at the URL in your web browser while on your profile. Tap on the URL to highlight it.
  4. Locate the User ID: Your user ID is the number within your profile URL. For instance, if your profile URL is “”, your user ID is “2784109194” situated between “users” and “profile”.
  5. Browser Version: Keep in mind that you can’t find your user ID in the mobile Roblox app. This is because you can’t view your profile URL there.
  6. Use Browser: To see your profile URL and user ID, access Roblox through a web browser. On iOS or Android devices, open Roblox using Safari or Chrome.

Go to the Roblox website

To access your user ID on Roblox, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Use a Browser: Start by using a web browser, such as Safari or Chrome. This is important because the mobile app won’t display your profile URL, which is essential for finding your user ID.
  2. Search for Roblox: In the browser, go to a search engine like Google and type in “Roblox” as your search term.
  3. Click on the Official Site: Look for the first search result that corresponds to the official Roblox website. It should simply say “Roblox.” Click on this link.
  4. Avoid the Mobile App: Remember, it’s crucial to use the website and not the mobile app. The app won’t show you your profile URL, which is necessary to find your user ID.
  5. Profile URL Importance: Your user ID is located in your profile URL. If you can’t find your profile URL, you won’t be able to access and copy your user ID.
  6. Direct Link Option: Alternatively, you can directly access the Roblox website by clicking on this link:

By following these steps, you’ll be able to find your user ID on Roblox and copy it for your needs.

Tap on “Continue in browser”

At this point, you’ll be presented with a few choices. These choices are labeled “Continue in App” and “Continue in browser.”

If you choose “Continue in App” and tap on it, the Roblox mobile app will be launched, giving you access to Roblox within the app on your device. However, if you decide to click on “Continue in browser,” Roblox will open up in the web browser you’re using on your device.

In order to find your user ID, it’s necessary for you to open Roblox in your browser. So, you’ll want to make sure you tap on “Continue in browser” to make this happen. This will open the Roblox platform in your device’s web browser, allowing you to access your user ID and perform other actions.

Log in to your Roblox account

Once you click on the “Continue in browser” option, Roblox will launch within your web browser. At this point, you will be directed to the Roblox login page. To get your user ID, it’s necessary to first log in to your Roblox account.

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If your Roblox account was established through Facebook, select the “Facebook” option to log in through your Facebook credentials. Alternatively, if your Roblox account was created using a username or email, you should log in using those specific credentials. Following this, you can finalize the process by clicking the “Log In” button, which will grant you access to your Roblox account.

Tap on your Roblox profile icon

Once you’ve successfully logged into your Roblox account, you will arrive at the homepage of the Roblox platform. On this page, you will be presented with a collection of various games that are available for you to engage with and play.

Situated at the upper section of the screen, there is a navigation bar containing several distinct icons.

These icons include a menu icon, which provides additional options, a profile icon allowing you to access your personal account details, a search icon to help you locate specific content, as well as others that serve various purposes.

If you’re looking to locate your unique user identification number, known as your user ID, you need to navigate to your Roblox profile.

Tap on your profile icon located on the top navigation bar. By performing this action, you will be directed to your personal Roblox profile page.

Tap on the URL

To access your Roblox profile, begin by tapping on the URL. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find yourself on your personalized Roblox profile page. This page contains important information about you. This information includes your username, the people you’re friends with, those who follow you, and those you’re following. Additionally, you can share a short biography about yourself, and there’s more to explore as well.

Your unique Roblox user ID, which distinguishes you on the platform, can be found within the web address of your profile page. This ID is specifically associated with your account and helps Roblox identify you. Since you’re using a web browser, you have the advantage of being able to view this profile URL. If you want to access and view your profile URL, simply tap on the URL that’s located at the top of the webpage you’re on. This action will enable you to see and understand your profile’s URL

Copy your Roblox user ID

To find your Roblox user ID, follow these steps:

  1. Open Profile URL: Start by opening the Roblox website and going to your profile. You can do this by clicking on your profile picture or username.
  2. Look at the URL: Once you’re on your profile page, you’ll notice a web address (URL) at the top of the page. This is the unique address of your profile on Roblox.
  3. Find the Number: In the URL, you’ll see a series of numbers after the “users” part of the address and before “profile”. This number is your Roblox user ID. For example, if your URL is “”, then your user ID is “2784109194”.
  4. Highlight the Number: Use your cursor or finger to select and highlight this number in the URL. This helps you focus on the specific part you need.
  5. Choose “Copy”: Once the number is highlighted, options like “Cut,” “Copy,” “Paste,” and “Paste and Search” will appear. Select “Copy” to copy your Roblox user ID.

That’s it! You’ve successfully copied your Roblox user ID, which you can then use for various purposes like sharing with friends or using in games and applications.

The bottom line

Your Roblox user ID serves multiple purposes within the platform, including animations, cloning, participating in RB battles, obtaining Robux, and more. The process of obtaining your user ID is outlined in the guide. It’s important to note that you can only retrieve your user ID when using the browser version of Roblox

For users on mobile devices, accessing the user ID requires logging into your Roblox account through a web browser such as Safari (for iOS) or Chrome (for Android). It’s advised not to use the Roblox mobile app for this purpose, as your profile URL won’t be visible there.

After successfully logging in via a browser, navigate to your profile to locate your user ID in the profile URL. It’s worth mentioning that sharing your user ID is safe and won’t compromise your account’s security.