Good Discord server rules copy-paste list templates

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Discord rules are guidelines that help maintain order and ensure appropriate behavior within the channels of your Discord server. These rules cover various aspects, ranging from how users should format their names to general conduct guidelines and rules regarding the sharing of personal information.

Using a Discord rules template can be highly beneficial in establishing a well-organized server with a clear set of rules. By utilizing a template, you can quickly set up a comprehensive ruleset that is easy to understand and follow.

Once you’ve established the rules, all you need to do is download the Discord client or access it through a web browser, and you’re ready to start using your server while ensuring a positive and orderly environment.

How do you create a Rules channel in Discord?

To create a rules channel in Discord, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new text channel: Start by creating a new text channel in your Discord server. You can do this by either right-clicking on an existing category and selecting “Create Channel,” or by clicking the “+” icon next to the category name and choosing “Create Text Channel.”
  2. Name the channel: Give the channel a name. In this case, you should name it “Rules” to indicate its purpose.
  3. Set channel permissions: Navigate to the channel’s settings by right-clicking on the channel and selecting “Edit Channel.” In the settings window, click on the “Permissions” tab.
  4. Advanced permissions: Scroll down to the “Advanced permissions” section and click on it. This will allow you to customize the channel’s permissions in detail.
  5. Modify send messages permission: Locate the “Send Messages” permission and click on the “X” next to it to remove it. This will make the channel read-only, meaning that only you (or those with appropriate permissions) will be able to send messages in the channel.
  6. Copy and paste rules: Finally, go back to the channel and copy and paste lists of rules into the chat. Make sure the rules are clear, concise, and easy to understand for your server members.

By following these steps, you will have successfully created a rules channel in Discord where you can display your server’s rules and ensure that only authorized individuals can send messages in that channel.

How do you force people to read the rules in Discord?

To force people to read the rules in Discord, you can follow these steps:

  1. Enable the community feature: Make sure you have the community feature enabled for your server. This can be done by going to your server settings and selecting the “Community” tab.
  2. Set up Membership Screening: Under the Community tab, you will find the option to set up Membership Screening. Enable this feature to enforce the reading of rules.
  3. Add server rules: Once Membership Screening is enabled, you can add your server rules. These rules should be clear, concise, and cover the behavior and guidelines expected from members.
  4. Require agreement to rules: With Membership Screening enabled, new users who join your server will be required to agree to the rules before they can chat or interact with other members. They will be presented with the rules and asked to acknowledge their understanding and acceptance.
  5. Restrict access for non-compliance: If a user fails to agree to the rules, they will not be able to participate in discussions, react to messages, or send messages to other members. This restriction helps ensure that everyone in the community is aware of and abides by the rules.

By enabling Membership Screening and setting up clear rules, you can effectively enforce the reading of rules in Discord and promote a more respectful and inclusive community environment.

Good Discord server rules

Here’s a list of good Discord server rules you can copy and paste:

  • Be respectful, civil, and welcoming.
  • No inappropriate or unsafe content.
  • Do not misuse or spam any of the channels.
  • No self-promotion, soliciting, or advertising.
  • NSFW content is not allowed.
  • Do not buy, sell, trade, or give away anything.
  • Do not use the server as a dating site.
  • Please communicate in English only.
  • Discord names and avatars must be appropriate.
  • Spamming in any form is not allowed.
  • Controversial topics like religion and politics are not allowed.
  • Do not attempt to bypass any blocked words.
  • Don’t ping without legitimate reasoning behind them.
  • Alternate accounts are not allowed.
  • Catfishing and any sort of fake identity are forbidden.
  • Do not send any Discord server invite links or codes.
  • No advertising is allowed without permission.
  • Roleplaying is not allowed.
  • Raiding is not allowed.
  • Anything to target specific groups or individuals is prohibited.
  • Spoilers from any anime, movie, TV show, or game are not allowed.
  • Please do not mic spam.
  • Don’t record voice channel conversations.
  • Avoid topics regarding banned members.
  • Remain on topic and use the channels correctly.
  • Do not discuss hacking or cheating.
  • Do not link to scam websites.
  • If you’re going to include a spoiler, you need to use spoiler tags.
  • Listen to the server’s staff.
  • Use the appropriate channels.
  • Trading, selling, begging, boosting, and account sharing are not allowed.
  • Do not talk about adult or non-PG topics.
  • Discriminatory language and hate speech is forbidden.
  • Be respectful and welcoming as toxicity is not allowed.
  • Do not spam messages or emotes.
  • XP-Grinding is prohibited.
  • Be civil, and do not treat messaging channels like a stream chat.
  • Do not ping staff members for no reason.
  • Do not mass mention by pinging more than 4 people at once, or randomly ping members.
  • Encouraging rule-breaking is an offense.
  • Do not flood the chat with huge chunks of text.
  • Engaging in message chains is prohibited.
  • Do not send copypastas.
  • Avoid using Discord Stickers excessively.
  • Do not use more than 5 emotes in a message.
  • Do not send Discord server invites on the server or in DMs.
  • Do not send online meeting links.
  • Illegally distributing unlicensed material is prohibited.
  • You are not allowed to sell anything here.
  • Do not impersonate others, including public figures.
  • Inappropriate profile pictures, usernames, statuses, or blank names are not allowed.
  • Do not make your nickname “everyone”.
  • Do not copy or claim other people’s art.
  • Obnoxious, excessive, or inappropriate sounds are not allowed.
  • Using voice changers and soundboards is not allowed.
  • Only stream PG content.
  • Do not loop or queue the same song with music bots.
  • If there is a group of members silently listening to music, mute yourself or move to an alternative channel.
  • Do not play music or other audio from your microphone.
  • Do not stream movies or other copyrighted content.
  • Do not send any malicious and harmful links or files, or anything that jeopardizes the security of others.
  • Leaking the personal information of others is prohibited.
  • Coordinating or participating in a server raid is forbidden.
  • Bullying and harassment are not tolerated.
  • Do not send strobe-effects, medically-triggering, or severely flashing media.
  • Please refrain from back-seat moderating.
  • Do not harass anyone.
  • Do not engage in hate speech of any kind.
  • Do not threaten anyone.
  • Do not post unsafe items (malicious websites, pirated software, etc).
  • Do not post any link or file that crashes Discord.
  • Do not DDoS or threaten to DDoS other users.
  • You need to be at least 13 years old to use Discord.
  • Try to avoid bringing up controversial or sensitive topics.
  • Community members should strive for a certain level of quality in their messages.
  • Spoilers should be labeled appropriately using Discord’s built-in formatting, sufficiently disclosing what topic is being covered.
  • Do not post, request, or disclose piracy information, links, or intent.
  • Please limit and be reasonable with the promotion of content.
  • All content and messages on this server are to be in English, with the exception of common words or phrases at staff discretion.
  • Community members are free to express themselves openly and give constructive criticism and feedback.
  • Regardless of age, strive to treat each other as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  • Please do not contact server members unsolicited.
  • Please follow the Discord terms of service.
  • Remain civil and considerate towards other users.
  • Follow all staff instructions immediately and at all times.
  • No hate speech or trolling.
  • Do not request, discuss, conduct, or advertise real money trades.
  • Any form of harassment such as blackmailing, doxxing, or inappropriate DMs, will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
  • Any sort of discrimination will not be tolerated.
  • No advertising Discord servers, other programs, websites, or services.
  • Creating sub-servers with the intent of moving our members with the goal of self-benefit is not allowed.
  • Forming raids, targeting this server or another server will lead to a permanent ban.
  • Do not bully or harass another member in any way, shape, or form.
  • Any harmful material will result in a permanent ban.
  • Do not share personal information.
  • We promote diversity and inclusivity and expect your interactions in this channel to be respectful and guided by these principles.
  • We encourage free expression for all, and embrace our differences, opinions, and diverse backgrounds, therefore, debates are welcome while they are based on these ideas.
  • These rules may change at any time and the moderators reserve the right to warn and ban users discretionally.
  • Don’t be toxic or mean, including bashing people’s posts unprovoked.
  • If you’re sharing a link, please include a description (unless the nature of the link is obvious).
  • Do not impersonate developers, moderators, or other users.
  • Be kind and respectful to others.
  • The most important rule of all is to have fun!
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General server Discord rules template

  • Always remain respectful to other people. 
  • Do not use slurs or defamatory language towards other members. 
  • Any language that may discriminate against other people based on sex, gender, race, etc will lead to banning 
  • Do not threaten anyone on this channel. 
  • No advertisement on this channel. Offenders will be muted.
  • Do not start unnecessary drama with other server members. 
  • Trolling and/or harassing other members is prohibited. 
  • Do not use abusive language on any member.
  • Due to the diversity in this server and the mods we have In place, members are only allowed to communicate using English. 
  • Political or religious discussions are prohibited from this channel
  • Do not share illegal content.
  • Be respectful to moderators and other members of our team at all times. 
  • Witch-hunting is not allowed. 

Text chat server Discord rules template

  • No spamming is allowed. This includes but is not limited to spam messages and unsolicited and unsafe links. 
  • Do not @mention members unnecessarily. 
  • Do not use @everyone unless you have express permission from the moderators. 
  • Moderators reserve the right to delete any written content from the server.
  • Sending multiple texts here one well-organized one is prohibited. 
  • Avoid typing out walls of text. Break down your texts into paragraphs for easy reading. 
  • Do not ask to be made a moderator.

Voice chat rules

  • No loud noises or shrieks during vice chats.
  • Always use the mute button when not speaking. 
  • Reduce the amount of distracting background noise when speaking. 
  • Do not use unnecessary or offending noises when speaking.
  • Arguing and holding unnecessary debates on the channel is prohibited. 
  • Moderators reserve the right to disconnect or mute you if your und quality is poor. 
  • While it is okay to use cuss moderately, these words should not be directed to other sever members. 
  • Do not use voice changers r soundboards. 
  • Movies and other copyrighted materials are prohibited from this channel.

Name and profile Discord rules template

  • Offensive nicknames are not allowed.
  • Offensive profile pictures such as those showing NSFW content are not allowed. 
  • Blank profile images are not allowed. 
  • Blank nicknames are not allowed. 
  • Profiles impersonating public figures will be removed. 
  • Catfishing and/or using a fake identity is prohibited from this channel.

Bot specific rules

  • Third-party bots are prohibited from this server.
  • Use bot commands responsibly Command spamming is prohibited. 
  • Don’t change add, or remove bot commands.

Personal information rules

  • Do not ask for personal information from channel members. 
  • Sharing of other people’s personal information within or outside the channel is prohibited.
  • Do not assume other people’s identities using their personal information. 
  • Anyone who breaks this rule will be banned from the channel.

Content server Discord rules template

  • Stealing content or claiming other peoples’ content or art is prohibited. 
  • Do not distribute unlicensed material
  • Flashing images or GIFs that could cause epileptic seizures are prohibited from the channel.
  • Online meeting links are prohibited on this server. 
  • Do not send any sexually explicit content. This includes pornographic, gory, gross, and disturbing content. 
  • Content that sexualizes minors will be immediately removed and the User will be permanently banned from the server. 

What is the 18 rule on Discord?

The “18 rule” on Discord refers to a guideline related to age-restricted content. When a Discord channel contains material that is intended for adults and might not be suitable for individuals under 18 years old, Discord prompts users with a notification when they access that channel.

This notification informs them that the channel may have content suitable only for adults and asks them to confirm that they are indeed over 18 years old before they can proceed. This rule is in place to ensure that users are aware of potentially mature content and to restrict access to it for those who are underage.

What is rule 13 in Discord?

Rule 13 in Discord states that you are not allowed to promote, distribute, or give access to content related to hacking, cracking, pirated software, or stolen accounts. This also includes sharing or selling cheats or hacks that can harm other players in multiplayer games.

What is the rule 6 in Discord?

Discord’s Rule 6 is a policy that prohibits political discussions deemed inappropriate by the platform’s moderators. Since moderators can vary in their interpretations, there may be disagreements about what exactly violates this rule.

Is it illegal to be 12 on Discord?

No, it is not illegal to be 12 on Discord. According to COPPA (the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), a child under 13 can use platforms like Discord if they have parental permission and supervision, and the parent or guardian has full control of the account. So, as long as these conditions are met, being 12 on Discord is allowed.

What is the most important rule on Discord?

The most important rule on Discord is to treat others with respect, following the “Golden Rule” of treating others the way you want to be treated. Profanity should be used sparingly, and derogatory language towards any user is strictly prohibited. While swearing is allowed in casual channels, it should be avoided in official help and code channels to maintain a respectful and constructive atmosphere.

What is the 25 limit on Discord?

The “25 limit” on Discord refers to the maximum number of members who can participate in a video chat within a single channel. This means that if you start a video chat in a channel, up to 25 people can join and actively participate in the conversation. This limit applies separately to each channel, so different channels can have their own video chats with up to 25 participants each.

Here’s how to start a video chat in Discord, explained separately for the desktop, web, and mobile versions of the platform:


  • Open the Discord application on your computer.
  • Go to the server where you want to start the video chat.
  • Select a voice or text channel.
  • Click on the “Video” icon to initiate the video chat.
  • You can invite up to 25 members to join the video chat.

Web (browser-based):

  • Open Discord in your web browser.
  • Navigate to the server where you want to create a video chat.
  • Choose a voice or text channel.
  • Click the “Video” icon to begin the video chat.
  • You can invite a maximum of 25 participants to join the video chat.

Mobile (smartphone or tablet):

  • Launch the Discord app on your mobile device.
  • Find the server where you want to initiate a video chat.
  • Select a voice or text channel within that server.
  • Tap on the “Video” icon to start the video chat.
  • You can invite up to 25 individuals to participate in the video chat.

Keep in mind that exceeding the 25-member limit will require you to create additional video chats in different channels if you want more people to join the conversation.

What does 4 25 mean Discord?

“4/25” on Discord means that there are currently four people in the voice channel, and the maximum capacity for that voice chat room is 25 people.

What is the discord rule policy?

The Discord rule policy prohibits harassing behavior, which includes:

  • Sustained Bullying: Repeatedly targeting and harassing someone over time.
  • Ban or Block Evasion: Trying to rejoin or interact with a server after being banned or blocked.
  • Doxxing: Sharing someone’s private or personal information without their consent.
  • Coordinating Server Joins: Planning to join a server with the intention of harassing its members, often called “server raiding.”

These actions are not allowed to ensure a safe and respectful environment on Discord.

The bottom line

Adding rules to your Discord server is crucial for several reasons:

  • Encourages positive engagement: Having clear rules in place promotes positive interactions among members. It sets a standard of behavior and helps maintain a respectful and friendly atmosphere within the server.
  • Discourages spamming, trolling, and disruptive behavior: Rules act as a deterrent to unwanted activities such as spamming, trolling, or any form of disruptive behavior. By explicitly stating what is not allowed, server owners can maintain a more harmonious environment.
  • Promotes civility and community: Server owners should strive to foster a sense of civility and community among members. By establishing rules, they can encourage respectful communication, collaboration, and empathy, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.
  • Guides new members: Rules play a vital role in informing new members about the expectations and guidelines of the server. They provide newcomers with a clear understanding of what is acceptable and what is not, helping them integrate smoothly into the community.
  • Addresses specific topics: Rules can cover various topics, such as language usage, media sharing policies, channel etiquette, or any other specific guidelines relevant to the server’s purpose. This helps in maintaining a consistent and organized environment where everyone knows how to navigate and contribute appropriately.

By implementing and enforcing rules, server owners ensure that their Discord community remains a safe, enjoyable, and inclusive space for all members. It sets the foundation for positive interactions, fosters a sense of belonging, and helps create a vibrant and engaging community.