How to dial an extension on iPhone or Android phone

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Phone extensions allow businesses to connect customers to multiple different departments and service centers. Extention numbers provide directory options for circumstances where it’s not practical to use a regular phone system, such as a large office block with many individual phones responding to callers.

Dialing traditional phone extensions means calling the company’s primary number and then waiting for an automated system or a representative to present options of extension numbers and ask for the one you are trying to reach. Landlines use this method, but you can also use smartphones to dial an extension, thanks to advanced computer systems.

Dial an extension on iPhone

To call an extension number on an iPhone:

  1. Type in the main number.
  2. Press and hold the ***** key till you see a comma appears in the number.
  3. Enter the extension number after the comma and make the call as you would a regular call.

Dial an extension on an Android phone

There are two ways to dial extension numbers on Android phones:

The first method is to enter the + symbol on the number keypad when dialing a phone number that’s not in your contacts or when creating a new contact.

The second method to dial a phone number extension on an Android phone is to first type in the main number, then press and hold the 0 key until a + appears and is added to the number, now enter the extension number. The same steps can be used when creating a new contact with an extension number.

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Dial an extension on a Windows phone

There is no option to add an extension when dialing a number on a Windows phone, but you can still add an extension to any phone number in your contact list.

  1. Open your email app or text.
  2. Enter the main number, then add “w” or “p.” “w” will make the extension dial instantly after the main number, while “p” will pause three seconds before dialing the extension number.
  3. Tap to copy the full number you typed by dragging the little circles at the edges to highlight all the numbers, then tap “Copy.”
  4. Open your “Start” menu and tap “People.” Next, go to “Contacts” and tap “New +.”
  5. Tap the “Mobile” field and choose “Paste” to add the number. If you don’t see the Paste option, you may need to swipe to the text suggestions.
  6. Finally, use the contact card to send the call.

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