How to type copyright symbol on a Mac

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To type the copyright symbol on a Mac, press and hold down the Option key and press the g key. The Option + g key combination will type the copyright symbol with “C” inside a circle on a Mac. This keyboard shortcut will work on any program, including in Mail, Microsoft Word, Pages, Keynotes, and more.

Copyright symbol on Mac

The copyright symbol, also known as the “C” inside a circle, signifies the rightful ownership of a phrase, word, or image by a company or person. You’ll often find the copyright symbol on description pages of books, on title sections for items such as computer software, recorded music, magazines, and newspapers.

Take a look at your Macbook keyboard, and you’ll quickly realize there is no keypad you can use to type the copyright symbol. The easiest way to type a copyright symbol on Mac is to press and hold down the Option key and press the g key on the keyboard. Pressing the Option + g key simultaneously will make the copyright symbol “©” appear.

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Copy and paste the copyright symbol from elsewhere

If you ever want to type a symbol on a Mac such as the copyright symbol and you’re unsure what keyboard shortcut to use, look for a website or online document with the symbol you want. Highlight the symbol, right-click it, and then select Copy or highlight and press Ctrl + C together. Next, move over to the page you want to insert the symbol, right-click your mouse and click Paste or press Ctrl + V together.

To use your keyboard to copy-paste a symbol on a Mac computer, hold down the Command key on your keyboard and then press the C key. Next, go to the page you want to insert the symbol and paste it by holding the Command key and pressing V.

Copyright symbol using Mac keyboard

  1. Press and hold down the Option button on your Mac keyboard.
  2. While still pressing the Option key, simultaneously press the g key.
  3. Release the buttons. The copyright symbol with “C” inside a circle will appear.

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