How to turn off autocorrect on Mac

turn off autocorrect on mac

Autocorrect is either an asset or a liability, depending on your writing style and experience. The feature has a comprehensive internal dictionary that automatically predicts words as you type, correct grammar errors and typos, ensuring your text and messages are error-free. But sometimes, autocorrect gets it wrong, unnecessarily replacing words you meant to type with …

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How to delete downloads on Mac

Mac download folder

Whenever you download files and applications (PDFs, movies, music, email attachment, and many more) onto your Mac, it automatically goes to your download folder — unless you decide to choose a different location, which may not be applicable in some cases. As time goes on, that folder gets full and takes up memory on your …

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Change MAC address in Windows or Mac

windows 10 device manager

By default, every device has a MAC address assigned to it from the factory that remains unchanged forever as long as it lasts. However, this default MAC address can be masked by “spoofing” it as another MAC address. We’ll explain in this article how to do it and why you may want to. What is …

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Find MAC address on a Chromebook


What is a MAC address? MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique network interface identifier assigned to all network devices such as your Chromebook. It’s composed of twelve characters, which include both numbers, letters, and colons. What is a MAC address used for? MAC address is primarily used to enable devices access the internet. …

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How to find MAC address in Windows 10

mac address on windows 10

Using a Mac computer instead? Here’s how to find MAC address on a Mac. What is MAC address and what is a MAC address used for? Every network-compatible device or interface, such as your Windows 10 device, has a unique twelve-digit alphanumeric code known as the media access control (MAC) address, also known as the …

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How to find MAC address on a Mac computer (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air)

mac address on macbook

Using a Windows computer instead? Here’s how to find MAC address on Windows 10. What is a MAC address? MAC is an acronym that stands for Media Access Control — a twelve-digit alphanumeric code unique to every network-compatible device, whether it’s an Android, Windows, or a MacBook. It’s mostly used to monitor network connectivity and …

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How to change wallpaper on a Chromebook

chromebook wallpaper

Welcome to our guide on how to change your Chromebook’s background. Part of the fun of getting a new Chromebook is customizing some of its settings to add that personal touch. In fact, changing the background appearance is one of the first things people do when they initially set up their Chromebook. It’s normal not …

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How to save images on a Chromebook and locate the file

saved image chromebook

Did you just find the perfect image to use as your next wallpaper? Or maybe you came across a perfect reaction GIF on the internet and would like to download and save it to your Chromebook. Saving these images to your Chromebook is a simple process even if you are new to the Chrome operating …

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3 simple ways to delete apps on a Chromebook


There are many apps you can install to your Chromebook from the Chrome Web Store, Google Play Store, and Linux applications, but what if you’ve installed one you no longer want, removing it is a simple task that can be accomplished within a minute. Delete apps on Chromebook using any of the three methods below: …

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How to show hidden files and folders in Windows 10, 8 & 7

Hidden Files in Windows PC

There are situations when you need to view hidden system files and folders, especially when performing system maintenance. Windows hide important files and folders by default; this is done to protect these files and prevent users from modifying or deleting files that could damage their systems. There are a few reasons you might need to …

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