How do I close my AT&T email account?

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It’s easy to delete your AT&T email account without canceling your service. When you sign up for any AT&T services such as the internet or phone services, AT&T will automatically provide you an email address. The AT&T email address allows you to receive important news and information about your account status, such as billing details and rate plan offers.

Close AT&T email account

Not everyone will like to use their AT&T email account. If you would like to close your AT&T email account, you can do so without canceling your service. mail service is powered by the Yahoo! Mail webmail platform. The deletion process to close your AT&T email account is the same as it is with Yahoo!.

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Step 1

Launch your browser and open the web page. If you are not already logged in, click the “Log In” button in the upper-right corner of your screen and sign in to your account by filling in your login and password.

Step 2

Go to the following link: This will redirect you to the account deletion page. Enter your password to confirm your identity.

Step 3

After confirming your account, AT&T will lead you to a page explaining what you stand to lose if you should go ahead to delete your account. If you wish to continue, click on the “Terminate this Account” button.

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