How to find your Roblox user ID in minutes (2024 guide)


A Roblox user ID is a specific code that’s assigned to each account within the game. It’s like a digital fingerprint that distinguishes one player from another. For instance, a user ID could look like “8472109149”. While you have the flexibility to modify your display name by going to settings and selecting the “Edit” option …

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How to poke someone on Facebook in 2024? (Explained)

poke someone on facebook

Poking on Facebook is a feature that’s still around today. It’s a way to interact with your Facebook friends, though it’s not as prominent as it used to be. The feature was introduced when Facebook first started in 2004, and it quickly became popular. Poking involves sending virtual nudges to your friends on the platform. …

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How to find Decal ID on Roblox

find decal id on roblox

Decals are like regular pictures that you can stick onto blocks and other things. They’re a bit like designs on shirts, but you can’t put them on your character to wear them. You can get decals that anyone can use, or you can keep them private for your own use. If you’ve made a decal …

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100+ League of Legends codes (2024)

league of legends codes

Looking for free League of Legends codes? You are on the right page. League of Legends features a virtual currency known as “RP,” which stands for “Riot Points.” These points can be used to buy various virtual items within the game. The items available for purchase using RP include skins, chests, and more. If you …

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201+ Free Fortnite Accounts 2024 (email and password)


Looking for a free Fortnite account? You are on the right page. Fortnite, developed by Epic Games, is a renowned battle royale game. Its predominant mode, Fortnite Battle Royale, involves a hundred players engaging in combat until only one remains victorious. This has propelled Fortnite’s popularity, boasting a massive player base exceeding 125 million individuals …

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Gaming Names 2024: 1000+ Badass, cool, legendary gaming names perfect for every gamer (boys & girls)

gaming names

Selecting a gaming name, username, or nickname can be notably demanding, particularly when a game necessitates a distinctive username. This can become even more intricate if your desired username is already in use. Consequently, you might have to opt for an alternate username or append numbers/special characters to it. However, certain games provide the flexibility …

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How to unblur Course Hero (2024)


If you don’t have a Course Hero membership, you’ll have limited access to document answers, only seeing a preview. To fully view answers, you can either subscribe, upload 10 documents (which grants 5 unlocks), or attempt to use Discord/Telegram groups that share answers (often ineffective). Currently, there are limited methods for unblurring Course Hero answers. …

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50+ Free PSN codes 2024 (PlayStation store codes)


A PlayStation Network (PSN) Gift Card is a type of virtual currency that enables users to buy games, movies, and TV shows for their PlayStation gaming console or other compatible devices. This article contains a list of free PSN codes (PlayStation Store codes) that are unused and without a generator. You can redeem for PS4 and PS5. …

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360+ Good role names for your Discord server


If you own a Discord server, it’s essential to create distinct roles within it. Roles serve as a means to structure your server based on different levels of authority and responsibilities. For example, when you have staff members, you can set up a designated “Mod” role. Likewise, if there’s a co-owner involved, you can designate …

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