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TechZerg is all about tech. We write about helpful technology tips, product reviews, and buying guides to empower our readers with the right product knowledge.

Our mission is simple — to help our readers make the most out of the technology in their lives.

We spend hours of careful research on each company and product we write about. Our thorough market research on each product also involves diving deep into customer reviews and other factors such as customer support, pros & cons, ease of use, and many more. We’ll explain in an easy to understand format how each product works and why you buy it (or not).

We also write about tech tutorials, how-tos, fixes, and hacks. We bring you the most helpful how-to guides, informative articles and straightforward instruction that helps you simplify and fix tech gadgets that aren’t working properly or learn how to perform specific tasks. Topics we cover include troubleshooting your computing devices, optimizing operating system performance, apps, gears, gadgets, and plenty of tech stuff.

We also feature important news updates from top companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Samsung, and Apple including startups vying for your attention. Our goal is to help you get the most out of the technology in your life.

Independent editorial

Our product reviews and recommendations are purely editorial, we never let outside parties influence what content or product we cover. Instead, we dig deep into thorough research, finding the best and most comprehensive information available to help you make smarter buying decisions.

TechZerg accepts several forms of advertising, and every paid placement is clearly identified so you can easily differentiate between a paid promotion and our objective content. We believe transparency is important and we value the trust you have in us. We make sure every product and service we partner with offers the very best value to our readers and that we retain editorial independence irrespective of any partnership.

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